June 01, 2011

Reblog: Attention ELFs

{Attention} If you are a literate ELF, please stop this action immediately!
On behalf of MYSJ, making this announcement again is a gentle reminder to all ELF to stop all bashing-acts immediately. MYSJ has made such declaration in our Twitter a few days ago but we still see a lot of ELFs responded to those unnecessary tweets, yet keep on saying that you are protecting SJ-M.
There was a saying that “what fans have done will directly reflect an idol’s attitude”. You thought you are fighting for their fair judgment, so you think SJ-M will be in their greatest honor that ELFs take such action on behalf of them? The answer is: NO! … my fellow ELFs. They are even more agonizing than we do. There are many ways to show our love to SJ, but not in this way my fellow ELFs. SJ always compliment ELFs are the most literate fans in the world … it is obvious how much care SJ have for us. ELFs protect SJ, but do you realize that SJ is also protecting ELFs whenever ELFs caused inappropriate manner?
No matter SJ or SJ-M, they put in so much effort to show us the very best of them on stage. They are being respected by many artistes and even media’s because of their sincerity and continuous hard work even though they have gained so much brilliant results in various fields. By all mean, they are fulfilling their utmost responsibility to be the best example to all ELFs with the hope that their beloved fans can be as great position as they are right now. But what have we done? Bashing people who show disrespectful? Is this the way we repay what SJ has built for us?
We understand that most of you are angry with those personnel who insulted our beloved idol, so aren’t we? But we realized there are many things which are more meaningful for both SJ and ELFs instead of taking such pain. Protect each & every member of SJ is the responsibility of all ELFs, but do you ever realize that Anti act would never give you any positive consequent? Is not that we (MYSJ) do not want to take any action to those prejudice evaluation, but we concern what will the outcome be?
We understand that we do not have any rights to stop you from continuing this opposing action. The same goes to you too … you can’t change those people mind-set whom you are bashing. The more you concern on them, the more popularity they gain, is this worthy?
Be humble, be forgiveness …” this is what SJ has taught ELFs. Hence if you call yourself a literate ELF, we trust you will know what the correct decision is.
We greatly appreciate your time reading this.
Thank you.
(Source: mysj-home.com)

p/s: i'm fully agree with these :D

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