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Kalau Saya dapat RM300



assalamualaikum and hello peeps?!

pagi and tengah hari tadi takde update pun
sebab busy sangat ready untuk test undang-undang for driving class esok
yelah, sebab selama ni buat tak tahu je bila naik kereta dengan ayah
this time memang kena pulun lah
bayangkan siap kena google sebab tak tahu suis pencucuh tu apa
haha, buat malu je kan

okayy, enough with the rants
this time mau join GA again
tak habes-habes kan? 
sebab GA kali ni sangatlah AWESOME. korang tau kan awesome tu apa? 
hebatlah! awesome tu hebat!

fine, mari mulakan


first and foremost! macam biasalah ini dia syarat-syarat nya
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when i first read the guidelines

macam macam keluar dalam otak i
like, what should i write, what should i do to impress the judges
because the winning prize is not little
for good, it's RM300!! (see? bolded and highlighted!)
so i have to write something that could and would convince the judges to choose me
mesti semua juri-juri contest ni sangat berdedikasi, adil and saksama kan
(miss safra, ini ayat kipass yang direquest anda! haha )

okay back to the story
i even googled "the best way to spend rm300" !
and the results was

" gamble it away!" and "pay off the bills" or "settle your debts"

okay, except for the gambling option, it was a good idea
but since i'm a student, with no bills or debt to settle
(apart from the ptpn which needs to be paid only after i graduated..hahaha)

i need to find something good and beneficial to use for the money
i even consider to write some skema entry with 'budak darjah satu punya karangan' standard

something like
" jikalau saya memiliki ringgit malaysia tiga ratus, saya akan menggunakan sebahagian darinya untuk membantu orang-orang susah, sebahagian darinya diberi kepada ibu dan ayah saya dan sebahagian darinya disimpan di dalam akaun bank saya"
but semua orang tahu, dalam realiti hidup yang sebenar, RM 300 it's not a huge amount yet it is big enough.

jadi beberapa idea timbul dalam kepala otak i like

maybe i should use the money for foods? clothes? make ups? pets? studies? leisure? or making others happy?
but should i keep it for future use?

kepala i pening memikirkan jawapan terbaik bagi soalan giveaway ni

to think about it, personally i think there is actually no best or better way to spend money. surely, everyone in this world are different opinionated.
someone might say books are good ways to spend money..
someone else might think that spending money for her or his marriage is worth it and not just an act of proud people and for the sake of showing off..
one might also think that spending money to buy albums for your favorite artist and idols is a correct decision but someone else might say that it is a stupid idea..
while someone people think spending money to buy games or playstation3 is a child act, there is actually people who are happy to have it..
during the time i think about what should i write in this 'if i had rm300' entry
i actually find a conclusion

no matter how you decide to spend your money, it is best to use it for the sake of happiness and memories
 i never thought that through this giveaway, i would be able to think about something so deep about financial ^^

yes finally, i get it. there is no true or false answer.
you should spend your money in a way that will make you happy or others happy as long it doesn't bring misfortune in your life. use your money to make memories so that even if one day, those things are gone from your life, yet the memories of having it will always be carved deep in your heart.

just use your heart to say what do you actually want.
and i say without a doubt, i would want this

as everyone knows,  the currently showing 'harry potter and the deathly hallows part II' is the final movie of the harry potter series

even though i didn't get the chance to watch it yet
thinking about the fact that it has ended really makes me think
this movies is a part of my childhood memory
i can remember the first time i watch this was ten years ago
for a decade, it has always been a great entertainment for me

i watched the first movies with my brothers, the second one is from a pirated cd which i bought at a 'pasar malam' using my school pocket money because i'm too afraid to ask mum to buy it for me, i continue watching the next one and next one, i even went out to watch one of the film with my bestfriend munirah right after we get back from our boarding school, it was a late night movies and we were just sixteen on that time, when the movie ended, it was midnight and we were lucky to get a taxi. 

to think about all of those memories created through 'harry potter'
it really strung me hard when the final book was out
and now, the final movie

i don't really have the money to buy harry potters books
even if i ask my parent, i would feel a little sorry because there is a lot of other things we can do with the money, so all i can do is borrowing the books from my friends, my aunt, and even downloaded it from the internet

as someone who enjoy reading as much as writing, reading through books from page to page really brings me pure joy.

so if i really have that three hundred ringgits for me to spend freely
i would love to buy the complete set of harry potter books
not to show off but to keep a fragment of my childhood memory until the days when i grow white.
and even if three hundreds ringgit is not enough, it'll at least be the source of motivation for me to keep saving money to finally own the box set

you see, one small opportunity you give me actually gives me not only hope but happiness.


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  1. thanks dear tag saya..gudluck ! :)

  2. huhh, baru rm300, belum lagi rm1k..kah3 :P

    erm..ermm.. :( maafkan zai.. x dapat join.. :,( busy nk SPM..>_< waa! T.T

  3. salam, anda telah dipilih sebagai salah seorang pemenang. sila hubungi saya dgn segera di e-mail

  4. sila tinggalkan email anda kat comment box anda ni sebagai bukti andalah pemilik blog ni =)

  5. Tahniah coz menang..

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