July 13, 2011

Reblog: Thank You Harry Potter



Once upon a time there was a wonderful story called Harry Potter. The story was not thousands and thousands of hours long, it was not prejudice or demanding, nor boastful or self-righteous. In fact, it was a simple story. It was a tale of an orphaned boy who thought he was alone in the world, and destined to be so forever. He soon discovered that friendship, love and family were waiting for him at an odd little place called Hogwarts. His friends and his foes fought valiantly through seven years of school, discovering that weaknesses could be overcome and strength could be encouraged through a simple thing called love. Harry Potter thought he was alone in the world, if only he knew that millions of people, like myself, saw him as so much more than a character, but as a friend.

Tonight, I, like so many before me and so many yet to see, watched the final instalment of the Harry Potter film series. Like all of those prior, it was a rare piece of magic that was more than a joy to watch. However, throughout the entire film, I could not help but feel a terrible pain in my chest. This was goodbye. While I agree that the story itself will never truly die, there is still that awful feeling knowing that while the story will live on in our hearts, the faces we know, the people we love now have to leave us.

I feel as though I have lost my very best friend. Those whom I have grown with, laughed with, cried with and loved with as though I was a part of the books and films myself. No words can accurately describe the love I feel for these characters and this story, and I am positive that nothing will be the same again.

However, another thing I know for sure is that Harry Potter leaves behind it today a better person than it found those many years before. I’d like to think that through the wise words of J.K Rowling, the brilliant direction of all of the directors (from Columbus to Yates) and the beyond magical performances of all the actors, I have become a far better person than I could have ever hoped had I never found this story.

We always thank the brilliant Joanne Rowling for the stories she wrote. She brought us all together, and created the greatest story I will ever read, and the greatest characters I will ever know. She created a world entirely of its own where magic is not just in the minds of children, but in the hearts of adults and kids alike. She defied age, and genre, and conventions, to create something that was unlike any of its predecessors. She is a true genius, and constant hero for all of us.

But those we regularly forget to acknowledge are the brilliant minds behind the film series. These people took something that could only be seen in our minds through the magical words of J.K Rowling, and made it into a physical and visual reality where we could watch all of our dreams come a reality. The special effects team that made magic possible, the production and art designers who created the world we wanted to see, the editors who pieced together pieces of a puzzle to create a masterpiece, and the directors who orchestrated the most brilliant and visually mind-blowing piece of cinematic art that I will ever know.

And to the actors who sacrificed their “muggle” childhood to become wizards for real, I thank you with all of my heart. For me, the books and movies go hand in hand. That which isn’t shown in the books I assume happened just off camera, and that which is in the movies, occurred between the lines. Therefore, for me, when I read the books today, I see Dan, Rupert, Emma and all the rests’ faces as their respective characters. Dan, you could not have been a better Harry if you tried, and no one will ever be nearly as wonderful as you. Rupert, I could not thank you enough for being such a skilled and brilliant actor, allowing all of Ron to come out in your performance. And to Emma, I literally could not say enough words to explain how much I am forever in your debt. You brought to life my favourite character of all time, and no one but you could have done it with such grace, style, kindness and brilliance. No one could have cast a more perfect cast, they will always be the true wizards. I do not think it is possible to be more grateful to a person than I am to J.K Rowling, the entire crew and production team and the amazing actors.

But most of all, I’d like to thank the characters themselves, for teaching me the greatest lessons I’ve learnt so far in my 18 years of life. To Harry Potter, who taught me that luck pays no part in succeeding, but courage, loyalty and kindness will always win over evil. To Hermione Granger, my hero and inspiration, for teaching me that intelligence is a trait to be embraced and that wants of myself do not out way the needs of many. To Ronald Weasley, who showed me what fierce friendship and love truly looked like. To Neville Longbottom, who showed me that bravery sometimes may take its’ time in coming to us, but when it does, it can change the world. To Ginny Weasley, for being brave enough to fight not only for love, but for family and friendship. To Hagrid, for showing me that that which is odd to the eye, can be kind to the heart. To Luna Lovegood, for making quirks and unusual traits something to be embraced rather than feared. To Fred & George Weasley, for teaching me how to laugh, even at the saddest of times. Draco Malfoy for showing me that family will always be worth fighting for. To Albus Dumbledore, for never overlooking the good in all hearts. To Minerva McGonagall for standing up to evil for the sake of her students. And, to Severus Snape, for teaching me that love, even that which is unreturned, is the most powerful magic of all.

I will forever miss you, Harry Potter, but your story will forever beat in time with my heart.

i found this on tumblr.
and as expected, i cried, yess i am a crybaby
but those words, touched me to the core
like jk rowling said

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