July 27, 2011

SM is trying to rob us Super Junior fans, the album info.

assalamualaikum and hello peeps
like i've warned before
i'll be spazzing for super junior comeback more than ever!

but today i found one news that particularly making me soo pissed off!

i mean, for the comeback, ten of the members are participating
and the latest news said that the version A of the 5th album will have 10 different cover!

Super Junior 5th Album - "Mr. Simple" Version A
Publisher:SM Entertainment
Release Date: 4th August 2011 (Korea)
Language: Korean
Disc Format(s): CD (1)
Album size: 30cm*30cm
Package Weight: 700 (g)
Photocards: 10 photocards
Others: There will have 10 different jackets image for the album 
Price (without shipping): 19,500 won ~ 20,000 won (RM54 ~ RM56)
Source: YesAsia, Synnara, Aladin, Leesmusic
Credit to ChocoFam.com

There will be ten different jacket for the album
And it will be one of the teaser picture

Since I don't really understand, there might be two possible case

Case One!!

My favourite is Kyuhyun, Heechul and Shindong
But since we have to buy it from reliable source, so we basically cant choose which jacket we want
But if i were to get Siwon's
I will be dead if mum or dad find out
I mean, he's wears so little!

Case Two!!

This one sounds a little better, I heard this from Kak Aten 
She said 

camni,cover tu mmg random tp kat blkg cover tu,die ltk lg 9 gmbr kat blkg..so,korg leh tukar la gmbr yg mula2 korg bli tu ngan pic bias korg..that's it~~sbb tu die bg 10 kping gmbr
So kalau betul, okay la

BUT since the size dah jadi 30cmx30cm and berat almost 800gram
Of course price dia pun akan naikkkkk!!

Damn, damn SME, you really are robbing us!
Btw there might be some misunderstanding and changes
So ELFs, wait for it!!

If you want to see the teaser, this is the link

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