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Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

i just love the 30 days challenge, please bear with it. 

day one: favourite kpop guy group

this is a piece of cake. my whole family knows it. it will never change.

well, to tell my awesome journey as elf so far, only certain people would understand but seriously there is no other singers that could make me swoon like them and i dare to say this is the only group that  could make me spend money to the extent of saving money for the sake of their albums and concert. and i'm suck in saving things, especially money.

and there is no other singers could do that.

the other thing is, for my blogs entry, so far, i have 111 entries which are super junior related and it comes second after 'blabla' labels which actually means rants.

haha, now it sounds like i love two things, ranting and super junior.

as you know, or maybe not, i don't really care about followers and comments.
my ultimate purpose of setting up a blog is to express my self in writing.
yeahh, i do keep a diary, but doing a blog is double the fun because we can put pictures, videos and stuffs.

ohh okay, back to super junior story.

i don't remember since when i've become an elf, officially..
but i already know super junior since i was like...sixteen?

but i got too involved around, 2009? maybe?

this might sound weird and not real, but in some ways they do inspire me to work hard to get what i want in life. seriously, if you guys think that they gain this huge epic popularity just because of appearance, you are judging a book by it's cover. 

well, they work super hard just to get in, and to make sure they stays

there is no such thing as 'fast popularity'

and it takes years just to debut.

i'm so freaking love them. it's hard to explain. just love them. unconditionally since they don't even know i exist.haha

p/s: and i love the way they appreciate their fans. it's awesome.


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