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Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

bertemu kembali kita dalam 30 days kpop challenge bersama tuan blog yang baik hati ni~hehe

okeyy, semalam punya sudah setel, jom buat second topic pulak

Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

ohh this is kinda hard

seriously, i think i like SNSD the best of all
but since there is some unbreakable tension between most elfs and sones
it gets a little bit scary to be too involved 

i like their song, almost all of them

but nowaday, i've been liking a few others like t-ara (roly poly is awesome) and i also have been liking 2NE1,  davichi and brown eyed girls for awhile

so you can say, i have no particular biasness towards certain girl group

i am only biased to my super junior oppa

but if you ask if i have a particular biasness towards certain member
i love jiyeon from t-ara
seohyun and hyoyeon from snsd
ga in from brown eyed girls



  1. girl grup mmg susah nak pilih.
    suju forever.


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