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Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

ohh ohhh this is one good challenge!

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

okayy, this is sooo easy
since it ask my ULTIMATE kpop guy bias
it means it want one name only
and of course i have one answer!

it's this lovely guys, who sing well, play games well, whose smile could melt me and so adorkable!

introducing the the evil magnae from super junior 
cho kyuhyun!

i'm sorry if there is people who got offended if us kpop fans love our biased so much
and if the fact that 'there is no way they would know you' didn't even make us flinch
your mere words saying we are crazy won't do too

if some fangirls love justin bieber
and some other girls love a guy from a soccer team that i don't even know

it's almost the same, it's just my 'like' towards this guy is stronger

ohhh, i'm not in "LOVE" with this guys as in "IN LOVE"
but seeing him makes me happy

if people of my mum age might like people like elvis presley or michael jackson
and people like my aunts like people like brad pitt or tom cruise

he, cho kyuhyun
will be my idol category teen crush , forever.

okay, my fav of all is his smile and laugh
i just can't handle it
since he is the type who talk less, laugh less, smile less than other members
it makes me soooo happy to see it

and his voice, it's the second in my music player playlist
try listening to it guys, you'll get it
'hope is a dream that never ends'
is my fav solo song of him
well, i love everything that have his voice in it

and, i love his straight silky hairstyle the best

well, other kind of hairstyle is good too *biased*

and when he says 'jalja' which means 'sleep well' or 'sweet dream' in hangul
i could kill to hear him says that to me
well, literally

hmmm, what else should i write
well, my brain seems to be 'not working' so well now
it is filled with the taught of cho kyuhyun

but there is a lot of kyuhyun entries in here

you just have to look for it
but don't ever think to steal him from me *greedy* hehehe

last but not least, this is my fav
eunhyuk (my second bias) talks about his first impression on kyuhyun (my ultimate bias)

that's all, thanks for reading

till next entry, annyeong! byeong~byeong!


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