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Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

assalamualaikum and hey hey people ^^

day nine, my fav kpop performance

okay since i'm sjbiased, so my fav kpop performance would be all sj performance
but that would make this entry super boring

but let me put one as exception
and one of my top favourite out of all sj's performance

if i were to choose my fav performance minus sj-related one

here, i'll be putting some of the vids

so enjoy ^^
(well again it's in no particular order)

Hong Jin Young-Love Battery

she's a trot singer. and one of my fav.

IU ft Seulong- Nagging

ohh they are so sweet together
i just wish if they could do wgm together ^^

2NE1- Ugly

but as for me
the performance that topped so far besides suju's is this!
CNBlue Performance in GDA 2010
that is what i call epic!

CN Blue GDA 2010

yonghwa~~~ ^^ and minhyuk~~ ^^


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