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Dear Weirdo Yesung~ And Another Weirdo Who's Name Cannot Be Mentioned.

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!

i'm in a celebration mood, it's yesung birtday and another important person!

okay to yesung, happy birthday oppa! love you as always!
keep being weird, that is who you are
who cares, we love you still!!

and as for that not-so-mysterious person
well, she is so demm lucky to have a birthday on the same day as one of the boys
#coincidence! haha jeles sebenarnya

okay lah at least mine 30 januari and kyu is 3 feb
how close is that? we can like, choose a date in the middle and celebrate it together


okay back to the topic
dear unnie, my dear crazy unnie
i love you!!
happy birthday!
have a blast!

tahun ni no physical card
i buat digital version

ohhh and unnie, i dropped the formalities ^^
okayy dah habis,,,tatattaata ~~~


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