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Super Junior 5th Album! Inkigayo Mr Simple First Win + Special Performance [110821]!!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

straight to the point
super junior won their first 5th jib
inkigayo mutizen award winner


and there was also a special performance of 
eunhyuk, kyuhyun, donghae, sungmin and shindong with victoria f(x)
since this is inkigayo summer dance festival
idk why, we don't feel angry or jealous at vic at all
maybe because she got nickhun? 
well, even if the dance does sound sexy
vic doesn't look slutty at all ..heee~biased *i love vic*


overall, the outfit for today especially for mr.hae is awsome
and idk why, heenim looks cute in that hairstyle
ohh and yeah, wookie mic seems to be a bit problematic at one moment
but he looks freaking awesome like a handsome magician
and again, kyu's smooth straight and silky hair are to die for ~~weeee


and so,like i said, they won
but hyuk looks so down on the acceptance speech
i mean, he is usually a lot more hyper than that
is it just us or something happen at the back?

maybe they are just being overwhelmed and touched?
i mean, you can see hyukkie glistening eyes, he's crying right?idk

but k-elf gotta find out about it soon
i believe them

edit: and ohh yeah
 they are on trending topic as soon as they win!
#MrSimple5thWin and SJ WON?
and the rankings keeps going up!


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