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Super Junior 5th Album! Inkigayo Mr Simple + Winning and Heechul Goodbye [110828]!!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps^^

sorry for the late update on the inkigayo today
i purposely missed watching it live since today it's the last day of heechul performance before his enlistment
it just i don't think i can watch it

but after a few hours, i gain my courage and find the video of the performance

ahh i did tell you that the k-elf were planning to replace the fanchant for today right?

they did the
'sarangheyo kim heechul, kidarilke kim heechul'
which mean
' we love you kim heechul, we'll wait for you kim heechul '

i got a mixed feeling watching that
the boys must feel overwhelmed too

so this is the performance

Mr. Simple

and ohh kyuhyun wiping his tears, crying while performing, it broke my heart..sobs
leeteuk tying to contain his tears, that really hurts
i think this is the saddest performance i have ever seen. sobs
Today Winner

and as they announce the winner
Leeteuk start to tear up, Donghae went and hug Heechul

Leeteuk cried so much. It has been awhile since we saw he cried like that
Since Heechul is his same aged friends, he must feel really sad

and there is no encore today, they are overwhelmed with emotions
and the group hugs, it's one of the best i've seen

seriously, leeteuk cried so much that it's making our heart throb a little

and some extra info,
while recording mr.simple, on the breakdance session, eunhyuk missed his timing and it need to start again
eunhyuk said "sorry"
and heechul jokingly holding hyuk's collar and replied " i can't afford to lose not even 1 minute now"
credit: Eunhyuk 은혁

and  ft island minhwan tweeted this:

"The tears of Leeteuk hyung are the most precious teardrops in the world...ㅜㅜ Heechul hyung! Be good in the military, annyeong!!! ^ ^"
source: @FtDrMH1111
cr: leekimchi Tumblr


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