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Top 3 Must Subscribe Worldwide Youtubers :) [My Version]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

ohhh today i nak rants pasal top three must subscribe youtubers!
i mean in my opinion

oohhh mannn.... i mean seriously? if korang ni youtubers sejati, seriously korang mesti tahu punya.
okay ini free fact yang i rasa semua orang tahu *perhaps?*
nigahiga is the number one youtuber on youtube. maknanya dialah taiko kepada semua youtuber-youtuber dunia.
 memang awesome lah video dia. kalau korang tak gelak, it's either korang memang takde sense of humour or speaker laptop korang rosak..muahahhaha

#2: TheFineBros (Kids React To)

for this channel, i suka one particular segment jer which is 'kids react to'. sumpah hilarious and cute!
segment diorang ni akan buat budak budak umur maybe dalam 5-15 y.o comment on a video. tapi yang best is their reaction lahh, terbaik. to be truth, i selalu tak sabar gila tunggu diorang update video baru. untuk segment 'kids react to' ni, diorang akan upload hari ahad.

this is one hilarious youtubers too. while nigahiga is a japanese. david is a korean staying in america. kalau korang tengok videos dia, sumpah cynical gila. gelak memang tak tahan lah. my fav so far is 'asian stereotype part 1 and 2'. 


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