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150 Things You Must Know About Super Junior

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1. Leeteuk’s stage name was actually supposed to be “Kangsoo”.
2. For 5 years until the present time, Leeteuk along with Eunhyuk hosted the radio show “Super Junior Kiss The Radio”.
3. His ideal girl still remained as Han Ga-in even though she’s already married.
4. Along with Donghae, he was supposed to be in a 5-membered group called “Smile”.
5. During trainee days, Eunhyuk and Junsu often pull pranks on him.
6. One of Leeteuk’s famous nicknames is “Park Baram” (Baram is short for Baramdoongi (바람둥이) also known as ‘playboy’) because during their trainee years, he would always ask the female trainees if they like him and that he will marry them someday (eg. SNSD’s Yoona and f(x)’s Krystal); in the special episode of “Come to Play” the members revealed that he’s the reason why female and male trainees in SME have different practice rooms.
7. White is Leeteuk’s favorite color.
8. Leeteuk’s real name is 박정수 (Park Jungsoo) which is also an actress given name that is why he’s using a stage name.
9. According to the members, Leeteuk is actually a loner despite his cheerful personality on-cam.
10. Leeteuk’s dream is to fill the world with ‘Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloon’; in other words, until the whole world recognize Super Junior’s existence and hardship.

11. He used to work as a charcoal mover in restaurant, TV manufacturing company and as a life saver when he was young.
12. He used to be a member of the group “4 Seasons” with Kangin, Yunho, and Jaejoong during training days. He was winter.
13. He doesn’t like to sweat. When he was on elementary school he never played soccer like normal boys.
14. Heechul likes to watch horror movies.
15. Heechul hates complicated things; that’s why he deleted his first Twitter account because he got frustrated while using it.
16. Heechul seems to have a cold personality, but he’s just shy that he doesn’t know how to express himself.
17. Heechul can’t eat hot food because he’s got lung problem.
18. He created a cartoon when he was still in high school. Daehyun (his friend) was “Sellectice” and “His friend Karrion” was Heechul himself.
19. Heechul has a habit of deleting numbers from his phone especially those who never answer his calls and reply to his texts
20. Heechul debuted as a musical actor in 2008 in the musical ‘Xanadu’ along with Kangin as they shared the same role ‘Sonny’.

21. Hangeng knows 56 chinese traditional dances.
22. His ancestry is Nanai.
23. He studied at Central University for Nationalities, major in Traditional dance, minor in ballet.
24. He was chosen in an SME audition with a competition ratio of 3000:1.
25. He doesn’t like sweets or junk food.
26. He was chosen as a torch bearer in the last 2008 Olympics making him the first member of a boyband to do so.
27. He created his own milkshake with the ingredients: milk, sugar, mint, chocolate and raspberry when he endorsed the Millions of Milkshake.
28. Gengfan is the official name of Hangeng’s fans meaning “Geng’s rice”. It is to symbolize that his fans are the source of his energy.
29. He is not an atheist. Most Nanai’s are pagan.
30. His first acting role was when he did a cameo on Rainbow romance as Heechul’s friend.

31. His stage name ‘Yesung’ stands for 예술 성대 (yeseul seongdae/artistic voice).
32. Yesung already starred in three musicals – South Korean Mountain Fortress, Hong Gil-dong and Spamalot.
33. Yesung opened a branch of the franchise of “Baptols” in Hongdae but closed it down the first half of 2011 but opened a branch of a different franchise “Handel and Gretel” near KBS.
34. He revealed that his hands are smaller than the members of SNSD and f(x).
35. His solo song for the OST of ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ – ‘니가 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)’ gained a lot of popularity and won a couple of awards like the 25th Golden Disk Popularity Award.
36. Yesung hosted a DMB radio program called ‘M.I.R.A.C.L.E. For You’ for almost a year.
37. Yesung loves to touch peoples ‘philthrums’.
38. He has three turtles (Ddangkkoma, ddangkkoming, ddangkkomaeng – one of them– Ddangkkoma – was donated later to the Coex Aquarium) and a puppy (Kkoming).
39. His ideal girl is the actress Moon Geunyoung.
40. Yesung’s personality is the same as his mother.

41. His stage name ‘Kang In’ doesn’t just stands for “strong person” but also “strong benevolence”.
42. His real name is 김영운(Kim Youngwoon) and the members usually calls him that especially Heechul.
43. Like Heechul, he was supposed to be in a group called ‘4 Seasons’ along with Yunho and Jaejoong as the autumn counterpart.
44. Kangin already hosted 2 radio shows – Chun Bang Ji Chuk Radio/Reckless Radio and Chin Han Chin Gu Radio/ Good Friends (or Best friends) Radio (with Cho Jungrin and SNSD’s Taeyeon).
45. In 2008, he was casted as actress Lee Yoonji’s “husband” (as make believe couple) on We Got Married.
46. Kangin debuted as a musical actor in 2008 in the musical ‘Xanadu’ along with Heechul as they shared the same role ‘Sonny’.
47. Kangin’s first official drama casting was in 2009 in the drama ‘Romance Zero’ but he made a few cameo roles on some dramas.
48. Following his movie career after Super Junior’s movie “Attack On the Pin-Up Boys”, Kangin acted in the movie adaptation of the manga/manhwa “Simple Manhwa/Hello, School Girl”.
49. Kangin gathered three nominations – Best Actor, Best New Actor and Best Action Performance (even though he didn’t win) during Korean Movie awards in 2007 for “Attack On the Pin-Up Boys”.
50. Kangin is the first Super Junior member who entered the army.

51. When he first came in in SM as a trainee, he was seen as a threat because everyone thought he could sing well.
52. Shindong is the only member who has a girlfriend revealed to the public (named Jung Nari), though it wasn’t exactly intentional. She was revealed when he used a coded message to propose to her in their 4th Album’s ‘Thanks To’.
53. Shindong used to host a TV show for kids called “Ppo Ppo Ppo Ai Joa”.
54. He’s currently a DJ alongside with KARA’s Gyuri for MBC Radio ‘Shim Shim Tapa’.
55. His real name is 신동희 (Shin Dong Hee).
56. He choreographed some of the groups’ dance along with Eunhyuk.
57. He recently revealed that he actually have younger half-sister.
58. Even though he has been in Super Junior since the beginning, his voice wasn’t included at all in their very first album “Super Junior ‘05”.
59. Shindong already acted in two dramas, “Single Papa In Love” and “Dr. Champ”.
60. His pink motorcycle was used for SNSD’s MV ‘Into The New World’ by Tiffany.

61. Sungmin was a DJ for Chunji Radio (Chunbang Jichuk Radio/Reckless Radio) for a year and (almost)
2 months.
62. In “President”, Sungmin’s character is named “Sungmin” as well.
63. “Sea of Sisters” is Sungmin’s first drama.
64. Sungmin starred in three musicals already – Akilla, Hong Gil Dong and Jack the Ripper.
65. According to Henry, Sungmin can drink up to ten bubble tea in one day.
66. Sungmin loves wine and even studied about it. Sometimes he gives recommendations to fans.
67. Sungmin is often voted as the member who gets along with girls easily. But even though Sungmin can easily get closer with girls, he finds it hard to be close with boys.
68. Sungmin is anemic.
69. On The Beatles Code, other members said that Sungmin is the ‘standard’ member of Super Junior.
70. Sungmin once quoted “Super Junior+KRY+T+M+HAPPY=1♥”, indicating that Super Junior and its sub-
units are one.

71. Eunhyuk has the same birth name with a Korean comedian, Lee Hyukjae. That’s why he chose the
name Eunhyuk. “Eun” means silver. Hence, his jewel guy nickname was born.
72. Eunhyuk’s ideal girl is Emma Watson of Harry Potter movies.
73. Eunhyuk is extremely protective over his laptop. He refuses to let anyone touch it. He was
afraid that someone would find out his password so he changed it over 6 times. He also doesn’t like
other people touching his cellphone. He always brings a small cleaning cloth to clean his cellphone
74. . Eunhyuk is very shy around girls. The members said that Eunhyuk is so shy, when he is alone with
a girl, he won’t even hold her hand.
75. Eunhyuk doesn’t like to share his foods. If someone took his food from him, he’ll cry or be in a bad
mood the whole day.
76. During his pre-debut days, he told his classmates a lie. He said that he’s close with Shinhwa
members. And because his classmate didn’t believe him, when he had a break in training, he stole a
signed Shinhwa album in SM office and showed it to his classmates the next day.
77. He is the most gullible in their group. He easily get pranked by the other members.
78. He eats a lot. He can eat up to four servings.
79. He got interested in dancing when he was in his 2nd grade. He saw her older sister practicing
for a school talent show and got inspired to dance.
80. Eunhyuk was supposed to debut with Sungmin and TVXQ/JYJ’s Xiah Junsu as a R&B trio ‘Danaeb’.

81. Out of all Super Junior members, Siwon is the richest.
82. He starred as a young prince in a Chinese film with Andy Lau titled A Battle of Wits.
83. He is a Taekwondo black belter and earned the youngest black belter in Korea to hold a 사단
(sadan – fourth degree black belt).
84. Though he said that he doesn’t have a specific clothing brand that he likes, fans often see him
in Zara stores.
85. His real birth date was April 7, 1986 but his parents registered him on February 10, 1987.
86. He is a skinship addict. He loves to hug or ask his members for a kiss.
87. He is obsessed with coke and doesn’t like sharing it to others.
88. He first made an appearance in Dana’s Music Video for ‘What is Love’.
89. Siwon participated in 3rd Wave album (I Will Be There) and sang the track Sweetest Name.
90. During SS2 Manila Siwon wasn’t able to participate in the remaining encore performances (except
for the ending part) because he fell on the stairs and injured himself.

91. Zhou Mi is big fan of fashion, he was often seen with Key of SHINee while shopping during pre-
debut days.
92. Zhou Mi recently revealed that he was casted by the same SM staff who casted Victoria of f(x).
93. Zhou Mi wrote the Chinese lyrics for 迷 (Me), 愛你愛你 (Love Song), Marry U, 渴望 (A Man In Love),
表白 (Confession), 愛情接力 (You and Me) and True Love for SJM’s album/mini-albums.
94. Zhou Mi also wrote lyrics for label-mate senior Kangta for his songs 愛,頻率 (Breaka Shaka), 記得
(Remember), and 我們的彩虹 (Rainbow) from his Chinese mini-album.
95. Zhou Mi’s Korean name is originally 주멱 (Joomyuk).
96. Heechul often calls Zhou Mi ‘Seasoning’ or 조미료 (Jomiryo).
97. Zhou Mi performed his first ever solo on a Super Show concert during Super Show 2 in Manila. He
sang 只要你快樂 (Zhi yao ni kuai le).
98. Even before joining SM, Zhou Mi already made a name for himself through various singing and MC
competitions in China.
99. Aside from Mandarin and Korean, Zhou Mi could speak conversational Cantonese and basic English as well.
100. Gentleman Mimi is a nickname Zhou Mi gave to himself.

101. Donghae said, when he was born, his father and older brother were playing badminton outside of
their house.
102. 둥지 (doongji – nest) by Nam Jin (a trot singer) was his father’s favorite song. When Super
Junior T sang it with Nam Jin, Donghae cried while watching them at the side stage.
103. He wants to name his kids 바다 (bada – sea), 하늘 (haneul – sky), 구름 (gureum – cloud). When
Sungmin heard it, he said that he should name his kids after fish names instead.
104. Voted as the most romantic by his fellow members. He once said that he wanted to make an
“event” for his girlfriend similar to all the romantic films he had seen.
105. He really admires those taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Not only because his father
used to be a taxi driver, but also because he himself will feel tired and aches all over after driving for half an hour and thus find those people impressive as they can drive all day long.
106. Even if his nickname is Pinocchio (Heechul gave it to him), he doesn’t know how to lie. Kangin
said, if you want to know anything about their private life, you should ask Donghae because he
couldn’t lie.
107. He is Kangta’s favorite 후배 (hoobae – junior).
108. He can play piano and guitar a little.
109. He has two Maltese: 바다 (bada – sea) and 미오 (mio – short for Romeo).
110. When he was young, his friends and schoolmates always laughed at him because of his name. For
Donghae is the first word in Korean national anthem.

111. In one of their Miracle performances, he lost his shoes while on stage. After the performance,
he cried because he thought that it was the end of his career.
112. He started watching Baker King, Kim TakGu after he found out Kyuhyun sang in it.
113. Once, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had to cook together. Ryeowook ended up doing all the work.
114. He loves to watch Winnie the Pooh. He likes to be Christopher Robin. If he can’t be Christopher
Robin, he would like him to be his brother.
115. He will go to his hyungs’ rooms at night, when they ask why he is there he says, “I just wanna
be with hyung for awhile, can I?”
116. If he is a girl, he would marry Donghae.
117. He is the fourth heavy drinker amongst Super Junior members. Once he got drunk so much, he fell
asleep at their dorm’s door.
118. Ryeowook is the mother figure of the group. He takes care of the group, even cooks their meal
and always reminds them to eat their meals on time.
119. Ryeowook was recently casted on the musical adaptation of the movie ‘Temptation of Wolves’.
120. Ryeowook said that it seems like a dream come true when he saw a giraffe on a zoo while they
were filming a show since he had wanted to see one since he was a child.

121. Kibum is one of the gamers from Super Junior. He is the one who taught Kyuhyun how to play Starcraft.
122. He always said that being an actor and a singer is God’s will. He was scouted by SME on his way home from church.
123. He has an IQ of 138.
124. His childhood dream was to be a doctor. It changed when he joined SME.
125. He likes to swim and play in the water.
126. He likes and can play the guitar well.
127. He’s super shy, he admitted it himself. When he first move to Korea he scared he won’t get any friends.
128. He’s called Killer Smile by the fans because whatever he do or wherever he is, he’s always smiling to everyone.
129. Kibum is a cuddler in other words, loves to hug people. He loves hugging his hyungs from behind.
130. Kibum’s voice type is alto almost bass, it means it’s about hard to reach some high notes.

131. Kyuhyun is not good at cooking; when he tried to fried some ham even though Kangin reminded him, he added sesame oil instead of cooking oil.
132. According to the members, Kyuhyun is the ‘Kim Gura’ of Super Junior.
133. Kyuhyun is casted for the musical The Three Musketeers as D’Artagnan, twice.
134. When Kyuhyun just joined SJ, he had no bed of his own and slept in on a Dunkin Donut tent or
most of the time Sungmin shares his bed to him
135. Kyuhyun is a fan of historical dramas such as “Jumong”.
136. Kyuhyun’s father is the Country’s Revision/Review Association Chairman.
137. Changmin of TVXQ and Victoria of f(x) are Kyuhyun’s closest friends among his labelmates.
138. Kyuhyun is a recipient of the President’s Award as he showed excellent results in a Math
139. Not knowing that he’ll be in Super Junior until March of 2006, Kyuhyun wrote on his cyworld
before that he could totally dance to SJ’s Twins (Knockout) which is SJ’s debut track when he
haven’t joined the group yet.
140. Gamekyu and Dramakyu are his favorite nicknames.

141. Henry’s mom is Taiwanese while his dad is a Teochew who grew up in Hong Kong.
142. Henry doesn’t have a specific ideal girl that’s why in every interview, it changes.
143. Henry studied Contemporary Writing and Production in Berklee College of Music.
144. Henry featured as a rapper for Jino & Jonghyun’s duet song called “Don’t Lie” and Zhang Li Yin’s
song “愛我 (Love Me)”.
145. Henry’s solo song “表白 (Off My Mind)” was originally for Super Junior’s 4th album but SM said that it fits his image more so they released it as his solo track for SJM’s 2nd Mini Album.
146. Henry can play the violin, piano, drums and guitar.
147. Henry called Lee Soo Man “Mr. Lee” when he first met him. Up until now, he still calls him that.
148. Henry made his twitter account while in the Philippines after SS2 in Manila.
149. Henry said that he can not take a bath for a day, a week or even a year but he can’t last a day without brushing his teeth.
150. Henry is close to f(x)’s Amber and he once mentioned that they always go out together.Credit: Universal Records Philippines Official Facebook
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