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dear grandpa

assalamualaikum and hey peeps :)

i've been having sore throat for days
and yesterday, my grandpa was admitted into the ICU 

it's so sad since this friday, my aunts is getting married
but luckily, my grandpa has been transferred to a normal ward
hope that he will be fine

*pray for grandpa*

p/s: yesterday was the first time i've been into an ICU ward, well, usually, i saw them in dramas and movies, especially korean dramas. well, i can't really look into grandpa's eyes yesterday because i get the feeling that i'm gonna cry. but he's better now, so i'm relieved

p/p/s: tomorrow is my driving test. wish me luck! *fighting*

okay, till next entry!
annyeong~ byeong-byeong! ^^


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