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i told you!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

ini sambungan entry tadi
since the case has worsen and dah jadi case police

what did i tell you guys?
i've said this many times before.
jangan touching sangat
jangan emotional sangat
because what did you get from this
cyber bullying

i told you guys not to threat and not to curse
i told you guys to speak nicely
i told you guys it is better to ignore
i even suggested everyone to do this

this things had been happening a lot
and you still mind?
i told you guys, there'll be nothing good that would come out from wars and fights.
aigoo~ this is embarrassing
not all kpop fans are acting like this
and yet everyone is to blamed and to be called 'stupid'

i don't really mind to those who call us stupid
because in some ways
some of us do make us look stupid
hey guys, just because someone doesn't like kyuhyun and say his singing suck (even though  i don't think so)
does that mean my life is over and i have to kill that person
i mean he is my bias, but that doesn't mean i have to go all stupid and totally not elegant
come one, even the boys would't like that

all in all, just

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