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kpop vs antis: the war

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

i'm still sick, but i really can't help myself not to post something after i saw one more kpop fans vs antis war.
( i decided not to post the link since it'll only worsen that)
well, as a kpop fans, i can't deny how angry i am to read those cruel and immature posts done by antis just because they don't like kpop. or to be exact. because they hate it.

personally, i do feel enraged and i do feel like cursing and fighting back. i mean, we mean no harm to anyone. we do stuffs we like and we never ask people around us to like it back. 

the question is why do they treat us like this?
if i answer this question in 'kpoppers' point of view, my answer would be something like
1- they're just trying to attract attention
2- they're just bored to death
3- they're the rebels
4- they have no life
since i too can get overly protective if i'm not thinking straight.
but if i'm answering it as a 'mature' adult. i think it's just a matter of personal preferences.
cliche answer? i know.

for me, i don't mind if someone say they don't like kpop
but what i always mind is, the way some of them did it
it's cruel, stupid and baseless

saying stuffs they don't even know if they're true or not, just judging from one or two videos they came across, for example:
1- they are so gay!
2- i hate their eyes!
3- their singing sucks!

most of kpop fans, would definitely get angry by those thoughtlessness.
and of course we'll start to get overprotective
it's a human nature guys. don't you get it?
human will protect stuffs or people that are important to them.

let me use football fans for example.
you guys would definitely support your favourite team.
and there will always be the super obsessive one. 
or else, there wouldn't be any before or after match fights if there are no overly obsessive fanatic fans right?
but! there are also obsessive fans but in comparison, a lot more mature and smart.
they didn't break the stadium chair, of burn the opponent team jersey or flag
they would't throw the firecrackers into the stadium
why? because they know that it isn't smart to do so

it's the same like kpop fans and also the antis

i won't deny that there are certain fans that went beyond the norm just to protect their idols
i also know that there are antis that would dare to say even more mean and hurtful stuffs

this kind of stuffs, wouldn't ever end. ever!
because differences between opinion is not something that could be easily overcome.

so, as a fellow kpop fan
i have some opinion here. and it's up to you to agree or not
like i said, difference in opinion is just normal.

for kpop fans
just ignore that. because there wouldn't be anything good, that would come out of it.
i mean, if you keep cursing back, and threatening them
it wouldn't make any differences between you and them
if you say they are stupid and immature
you shouldn't do the same exact thing
i'm not saying that you couldn't protect your idols and fandom
but let's do it in a more dignified way
because admit it, if one anti vs hundreds or maybe thousands of kpop fans
in the eyes of the other, we are the bullies

so let just stop cyber bullying
or at least, stop threatening and cursing
you can debate. it's the correct way of fighting.
because if you do it the correct way
even if we cannot get them to like kpop
maybe we could make them at least, ended up not hating it anymore

okay, that's all i think
i don't want to say more because i too don't want to act all superior
i didn't say i never do that before, maybe i did
but i don't do it now, anymore, ever.

p/s: this might be a little shocking, and someone might hate me for this, but i do find some of kpop fans a little too annoying. i'm sorry for saying this. but accept it guys, we're not that innocence either :D

p/p/s: whatever the antis said, i still think that people with monolids cute and sometimes sexy :P

okies, till next post! annyeong! byeong~byeong!!


    I guess I know the blogger xD
    The rabbit one? XDD

  2. Agree!sangat agree!from what i see,most kpop fans yg pergi bash n curse back adalah those young teen yg xmatured lg.bdak2 skolah menengah yg bru nk they're trying to protect but in the wrong way.ur words are great!:D


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