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Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [Announcement and Prize Update]

I have an announcement to make regarding the contest. Previously I get many respond when I said I want to make this contest. But so far only 2 people send their entry and the final submission date will be on the 25th of March. I hope there will be more than 5 contestant for every category or else this contest will sadly become void. So please share this to everyone. I can consider extending the contest date if many one to submit but need more time.

The prizes will be something like this (for each category)

- Face Mask
- Phone Strap
- One 16 episodes Korean Drama (not original)
(there will be a list given to choose from) 
- Cute notebook 
- 2 pieces of shawl brooch
(other prizes will be added if i have something else to give)  
and a handmade congratulations card from me :D



  1. unnie, i've already spread it but no one of my friends want to join it. they just said doesn't have much time to do the fanfic. I'm so sorry TT But i'll try my best to spread it again.

  2. If you do another contest, you need to ADVERTISE. On every blog, tumblr, twitter etc. to get contestants!

    Might as well start off with AFF? Asianfanfics is definitely awesome! :) I hope you will also check out my AFF post about the most popular section:


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