Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

dear you who commented, that is rude..totally~

i didn't come to you 
i never mention anything about my interest towards you
and you came
and start asking questions that to some people 
it could ignite anger and hatred

and you keep saying that
"i'm just saying...."
"i'm just asking...."
"don't be too sensitive...."

yet you didn't realize
what you wrote was a provocation
you didn't realize that what you wrote
you're looking at one point
looking at one fault that some people did
and stereotyping it 

and you said that you didn't mean any harm? didn't mean to be rude?
well, dear, that is what people call rude

and especially when you knock at someone's door
or in this case
commenting on my blog
giving your link
while i have no idea who you are
and saying that kind of stuffs?

you don't know me personally
you never actually meet me
you have no idea how i would react on the situation you stated

i'm not angry
but i'm concerned
i might not, but how about others?

i have tons of other friends who didn't share the same interest as me
my best friends especially
we have different interest
but we never, even once, questions each other interest
never once, insult what each other like
and we've known each other for years

just because i like things that you don't have interest in
just because you find some people that share interest with me have bad attitude
you're making me to be the same as they are
while i'm not

i don't know if you're an adult or not
but if you are
please, be an adult


i want to say that i'm not angry
but i do feel offended
and that made me feel very bad

so please
if you don't like my blog
don't like my interest
don't like the song in my blog
just don't come 

i'm not trying to act high and great
but compared to being famous on blog and gain more haters
i rather be normal
and like the things i like instead

that is my answer
thank you
have a nice day.

p/s: when you don't understand the language, you learn it.
and yes, i learned, and even though its not everything, i do understand some of it.
so please, stop using that as your reason.


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