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Beauty Box Review: Wonderbox May 2013

Today I'm going to make a review on Wonderbox May Edition that I subscribed from

(You can read my previous review for April Edition here)

The picture above is the snapshots of the products and samples that I received based on brands.
In a summary, the brands are Neutrogena, Bio-Essence, Murad, Ginvera and Le Scenteur

So these are some of the details and my thoughts on each of the content of May Box:

1. Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP (20ml)


A more defined facial contour sans surgery is now within reach, thanks to Bio-essence V Face series. A technological breakthrough, the use of chemical compound Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is introduced in the new formula of Bio-essense V Face Series as a solution to sagging skin and 'chubby looking' face contours"

ATP- Known as the 'energy currency of life', ATP is a coenzyme that stores the energy the body needs for all functions. Like a battery for our body, ATP supports metabolism and locomotion. That's why when the body works harder, for example during exercise or recovery from illness or injury, it will need a larger amount of ATP, in order to acquire more energy for the process

Retail Price: RM 85(40ml)

My Thoughts: 

This is one of the two full sized product that I received. I have great expectation is this product and I can't wait to see how good it is. Since I already have good impression with Bio-essence product, I hope this one will be another addition to my daily skincare routine. (P/S: My brother uses Bio-essence cleanser because he  has a very sensitive skin. I like it too)


1st Use (26/05/13):
 I am very shocked at how the oily texture of the essence vanished into my skin in such short time. It doesn't feel sticky and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Until now, I still can't stop touching my face after applying it. In the packaging, there is a pamphlet mentioning that first usage might cause a 'normal skin allergy' which is caused by our skin reacting to the essence (no need to worry cause it i s expected for some of us to get this symptom especially if you didn't really take care of your skin before). So far my skin doesn't have any weird reaction from it except that I feel that the skin on my face seems to 'tighten' a bit. We'll see if there is anything happen as I keep using it.

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack (50g)

Description :

"  As skin renew at night, this product is formulated with 'Progressive Release System' to continuously release intensive moisture throughout the night. This product contains purified Hyaluronic acid, Olive extract and lonic Mineral complex that helps enhance skin translucency, firms up skin and reduced fine lines so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft and supple skin in the morning"

My Thoughts: 

Another full sized product. This is my first encounter with this brand product. I never get to try any of Neutrogena product before so I hope I will like it. I'm quite happy that I get a sleeping pack! I'm quite a big fan of masks and sleeping pack. I am going to try it out tonight! It has a very mild and soothing smell and from the look of it, the texture is quite light. I will update more about this later!

3. Ginvera Unique Whitening Regime


i) Whitening Marvel Gel (Blackhead Remover)

" Zero Blackheads in One Step! It rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells, rub away blackheads painlessly, contract pores for refined skin, lighten black spots, freckles and scars, remove oil seeds, regulate sebum secretion to prevent pimples, brighten dull complexion, change dark rough skin to smooth skin, whiten skin as it gives away to new born skin, enhance quick absorption of skincare product."

ii) Ultimate Sun Shield SPF56PA++ (sample pack)

"Instant radiant skin, quickly absorb into skin and non greasy feel"

My Thoughts: 

To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical about this product (especially when I first read the brand). But after reading the description, it makes me curious and can't wait to try it, especially the blackhead remover. Who knows if this could be the answer to my blackheads and large pores problem!


1st Use of Marvel Gel (26/05/13)-
I got to say, I am so impressed with this product! As I apply it straight to dry skin, the dead skin starts to come off my face and the amount of blackheads actually got reduced significantly. I'm probably going to keep using this product. I'm off to buying the full sized product later on tomorrow! So guys, don't judge a product by its brand! I learnt my lesson today :P

4. Le Scenteur Whitening Hand and Body Lotion & Le Scenteur Perfume Sample


" Le Scenteur Lotion are enrinched with olive oil and licorice extract to help restore skin's natural moisture balance and lighten skin. This fast absorption formula leaves skin feeling smooth and non-sticky"

My Thoughts: 

I tried the lotion and unexpectedly, I love it!! It smells nice and it doesn't leave any sticky feeling on my skin at all. Seriously, I don't like it if a lotion leaves sticky feeling to my hand. While the perfume sample, it comes in a small vial and it's not really the type of smell that I would like but I think my mum would like it.

5. Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel


"Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel balances and refines skin by removing pore-clogging impurities and gently exfoliating to remove dull, dry skin cells."

My Thoughts: 

I went to read the review for this one, and it really sounds promising. I only get a small sample, but if it's really good I might end up purchasing the full sized later! 

Overall, I have a mixed feeling on this one since this box is not as amazing as last month's box. Because last month was quite mind-blowing for me since all the brands are more foreign to me. But I still would say that this box worth my money and I couldn't wait to try it all!

I also got a RM 50 discount voucher from Senzen Studio!

My Overall Rating: 4.0/5 


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