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TheLilacBox: Decleor Paris Concept Box Unboxing Event

I finally have the time (and mood) to blog about this event I attended with my older cousin.

On the 20th of July, which was last Saturday, I finally received my first concept box from The Lilac Box! The Lilac Box is one of the leading beauty box in Malaysia and they use the concept of Blind Date f…

The 'Feel' Is Back

cr: leilockheart
I've been neglecting this blog the most in these past 7 months.  Only 15 entries for 2013?! 
When I saw this, I was like "Crap! What have I done to my life?"  
It's like the 'feel' to blog was gone during those time.  Almost completely
Luckily I did blog s…

A Breath Of Fresh Air

It's finally over.  My degree  (or at least for now before my internship start) I hope I can pick up what's been left out these past few months
It's been awhile to feel like I'm alive and breathing again.
I'm going to fully use this free time to rest!!
(can't believe all th…

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