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A Breath Of Fresh Air

It's finally over. 
My degree 
(or at least for now before my internship start)
I hope I can pick up what's been left out these past few months

It's been awhile to feel like I'm alive and breathing again.

I'm going to fully use this free time to rest!!

(can't believe all those horrible/depressing time is over. at least for now)

By the way, I started re-watching all past animes that I love like sailormoon and fushigi yuugi. Ahhhh~ both are still among the best! 

I spent these past few days sobbing over anime characters. Thus in honor of me visiting my memory lane, the background music is from Fushigi Yuugi. Love the story to death. I can't believe that I actually forgot about this song too. So beautiful~~~ 

There are also some things I want to share. Like me going to The Lilacbox-Decleor unboxing event and also the Sothys branch launching. Maybe later. Hahaha


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