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The 'Feel' Is Back

I've been neglecting this blog the most in these past 7 months. 
Only 15 entries for 2013?! 

When I saw this, I was like "Crap! What have I done to my life?"  

It's like the 'feel' to blog was gone during those time. 
Almost completely

Luckily I did blog something once in awhile. I really don't want to let this blog turn into a mess. It's like my own private time capsule. The feeling when rereading past entries are just amazing. 
I can see my 'growing' phase.
From emotional teenager to an obsessive fan to a total wreck. 

I wonder how much I will change in three years then?
Would I still be the 'me' now?
Who loves reading and watching movies to escape from stress? 
Who is a mad crazy fangirl and animes addict?  

Now, I'm quite confident that I'm back to posting random stuffs again.
Don't be shock to see different sides of me in my future posts.

P/s: It's time for fangirling again. But god, Super Junior's Hero Japan Album is so expensive! Makes me suicidal. Haha. -___-"

P/p/s: What? You thought I would be over this fangirl thingy already? No way. Haha


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