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International Giveaway: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Read: Birthday Wish)

Alright people, for those who follows me on Instagram, you may have seen my post (ranting) about getting this awesome palette for new year. But unfortunately, that dream will probably stays as dream because this poor student (me) can't afford it at least for the next six month. Which is heartbreaking because that baby has been calling me nonstop every time I passed by Sephora store. And watching makeup tutorials and reading reviews of it makes it worse everyday *sobs ridiculously*

So, when these awesome bloggers Beauty Nerd By Night , Extra Extravagant , Beautiful Solution , PrettyPolish and Small N' Hot (I call them my angels) decided to do an international giveaway where the winner will be granted this palette, I literally squealed in joy.
Well, at least I can try to do something to make it mine right?!

I mean, every shade in this palette is just so pretty! And not just that, I love how they made it so it have a hint of rose colored undertone.

Strange (pale neutral pink matte-satin)
Dust (pale metallic pink shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter)
Burnout (light pinky-peach satin)
Limit (light dusty rose matte)
Buzz (metallic rose shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
Trick (light metallic pinky-copper shimmer w/tonal micro-sparkle)
 Nooner (medium pinky-brown matte)
Liar (medium metallic mauve shimmer)
Factory (pinky-brown satin)
Mugshot (metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift)
 Darkside (deep taupe-mauve satin)
 Blackheart (smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle).

And the names for all 12 shades are so unique. And Blackheart is my personal favorite so far! I tried it at Sephora the week it got out and god, I just fell-


So guys, wish me luck okay! And if you want to join the giveaway too, you can click here !
And oh! It ends on 2nd of January~! So be fast!!


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