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Makeup Academy Professional (MUA) Heaven and Earth Palette Review, Swatches and Simple Look ♥

Hello guys!

I've been wanting this palette for as long as I can remember. But, every time I wanted to order, it would always be sold out and completely not in stock. But luckily, I finally get my hand on this palette after so long searching! 

Some people says that this Makeup Academy Heaven and Earth Palette is the Naked Palette dupe. Well, from my observation there are some 'almost similar' shades from both palette, but it is not the exact copy. I have to say that MUA Undressed and MUA Undressed Me Too are actually more similar to Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2, shades comparison wise.

If you find Naked palette a little bit over your spending budget , I think this is the best alternative you could ever find! It cost me RM33 which is already so cheap, but if you're buying straight from MUA Online Store, this palette only cost £4 which is about RM22 (Both shipping cost not included).

  Moving on to the palette itself. This palette contains 12 shimmery shades that range from almost nude to dark brown colour.

Weight: 9.6 g
Usage Duration after Opening: 12 Months

The packaging is made from plastic and very simple, and there is one dual ended felt tip brush provided in the palette. I don't really mind about the packaging, considering how affordable this palette is.

The texture of each shade is very silky smooth, almost creamy if you swatch it using your finger. Quite pigmented, and it doesn't have fallout when I apply it on my eyelids.

Now, onto the swatches;

Palette Left Side

 This is swatches for the six shades on the left side of the palette. I've put numbering on each shade to help you see it better.

Swatches for Left Side

Palette Right Side

Swatches for Right Side

As you can see, the six colours on the right contains more darker shades than the left one. The most pigmented shade in this palette is No 2 on the right. A very metallic dark brown, and probably my favourite one among all shades in this palette (based on my first swatch impression)

I tried to do a simple neutral look using this palette, and I really love how it turns out! Very neutral indeed.

And here is the pictures on the closer look. (Sorry for blurry selca! I used my Samsung S3 for all these pictures, and its front camera for these selfies. LOL)

 In overall, I really like this palette and I would definitely repurchase when I ran out later! The small size is very suitable for traveling too.

That's all for this post. I'll be back for more soon.
Till then, toodles! ^^


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