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Fangirl Rant: The OTP , My OTP?!

This is again, a fan girl rant! Today, I just wanted to discuss about the term which is very familiar to all the fandom(s) that exist right now. 


So first, let me explain the meaning behind this short term. OTP actually is a short form of 'One True Pair' which is widely use to describe someone's favourite couple. Whether someone is in kpop fandom, or between books fan and anime/manga's otaku, there is always one pair that always be their favourite. Or in a more trendy saying, the pair that they ship.

To be honest, it is almost impossible to have only one OTP to ship. And sometimes, OTP doesn't just limited to a male-female pairing, and of course it doesn't limited to romance relationship. OTP can be between anyone because although the romantic boy-girl OTP maybe the center focus, but some bromance or even cute sisterly relationship can result in OTP too! (Oh by the way, I have no idea the what is the word for 'bromance' between girls so I Googled, and it doesn't exist. LOL Funny right?!)

For me, I have tons of favourite OTP, but let me divide it into 3 categories of major fandom I'm in.

KPOP Fandom

cr: itstvfxq

Well, this one is easy. I like tons of OTP pairing, but the one I'm most passionate about is YongSeo OTP. Some might expect me to have a SJ related OTP but nope! My favourite one is certainly Yonghwa(CNBlue)-Seohyun(SNSD) OTP. Well this started when watched their We Got Married episodes of them. Although it was just a variety show, I just love their interaction. And the fact that Yonghwa did wrote a song that was inspired through Seohyun does say something right? And no one mess with this OTP, at least not in front of me. I’m super obsessed with them. Haha, I sounded too much like a fan girl just now, didn’t I? If they are actually dating in real life, I might be one of the Gogumas (this what Yongseo shippers call ourselves) that would be celebrating in absolute happiness~~!

Harry Potter Fandom

I have too much OTP in book fandom. Like seriously, I can’t choose. There are tons of books that I love! Harry Potter, The Hunger Game, Divergent Series, Vampire Academy, etc~ too much cute characters! But since HP is my all time, and also have the longest time I’ve been in, it’s time to honour my Potterhead soul! My favourite OTP in the series in definitely Ronmione (Ron-Hermione) OTP although I had a hard time choosing, Harry-Sirius godson-godfather relationship is just loveable! By the way, I really like how Ron-Hermione characters and their relationship developed. Even from the first (book/movie) you can see how their relationship blooms. And how Ron (and Harry) was mean to her and made her cried (and almost got killed by a troll). Anyway, despite the fact that JK said that their relationship wasn’t supposed to end that way, and JK planned to kill Ron off at first, and the fact that their marriage might not be happy and they’ll might need marriage counselling, I don’t care. It’s already perfect on how she ended it. She wrote such a beautiful relationship development between the two of them, and JK should never doubt her decision for that. 

Anime/Manga Fandom

I watch a lot of animes and read lots of manga (despite my age haha). And it’s unavoidable that cute couples are everywhere, especially when it comes to romance-shoujo genre. But my personal favourite is still Erza Scarlet-Jellal Fernandes pair from Fairy Tail series. Omggg, from the look of it, I might be into bad guy style! Jellal was so horrible when the series’ first introduced him. He made Erza suffer so much. But when he actually turn good (well at least so far through the series that I’ve read/watched), and the fact that Erza loves him back (even after all the suffering), and how much Jellal regretted his actions (although he was being controlled by other evil force) and the fact that both of them know they can’t be together because what happened in the past, but still want to protect each other. I’m so into shipping them! Well, I knew I am a hopeless romantic. But who cares? Erza-Jellal FTW!

 Well, this is actually very random. I just suddenly thought of my OTP when I watched a video on Youtube. Yayy, for my randomness!

I guess that's all for this port. Gotta run now.
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


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