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The Butterfly Project: Day Out at Kenko Spa

Last Saturday(22/Feb), I finally got to attend my first Butterfly Malaysia event which was a Day Out at Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa in Pavilion. It was quite a hectic morning that day that I actually arrived later than the supposed time. When I arrived I hurriedly went to look for the fish spa, but it took me almost twenty minutes to find it. So it was already about 1.20 PM when I finally entered the spa.

 My session was the first one which start at 1.00PM, so I thought I wasn't able to join anymore. But Mamasan (Tammy) greeted me nicely and said that it was okay and I could just join in the crowd. 

Pheww~! I was so happy at that time.

All others are already happily soaking their feet in the water and giggling around,I was so excited to join in but I was told that I need to wash my feet first and sprayed it with enzyme due to hygiene purpose.
After spraying and cleaning my feet, I approached the empty spot available and started to soak my feet in. 

Oh my, you have no idea how ticklish and scary it was at first!

The fishes started to swim towards you and started biting your feet without any warning.  I was fine with the smaller fishes but when the bigger fishes started coming, I unknowingly started to giggle and shriek like a little girl.

Although the first half of feet soaking does make me feel scared, after awhile I finally understand why people says that fish spa is relaxing. Feeling the bites of the fishes while chatting around, it really felt good!

 *me taking a selfie*

I also got to met so many awesome and friendly people! It felt really nice meeting all the bloggers that I've known so long through their writing in person. We took pictures, talked and excitedly trying to get more fishes on each of our own legs.

It was so funny!

*with blogger syafiqahhashimxoxo*

*with syafiqah and anis athia*

The ambiance in the spa is also relaxing!

The session ended with everyone taking last pictures with everyone else and bidding goodbye. I went to join some others for lunch and we talked more after that.

So, I want to take this chance to say Thank You to The Butterfly Community for inviting me to this event, and especially to Mamasan Tammy, Miss Illy and Miss Ayna for being so warm and nice. I hope I'll get more chances to join you guys again! Not to forget Worthy Book for sponsoring and giving us the opportunity to try this
If you want to try this relaxing fish spa, you can head off to Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa on Level 5 Pavilion. For easier guide the Kenko Spa is situated near the cinema and Red Box Karaoke. The 30 minutes session will cost you RM38 but believe me it will be worth it!

Till next post~ toodles!♥ミ


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