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How Harry Potter Changed My Life

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I'm a Potterhead.

 I fell in love with that awesome magical world when I first watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone years ago, and still love it deeply until now. There are so many things that I do in my life that reminds me of how much I love the books and the movies.

Like my never ending reference on the word 'Always'

There's more than that, so I thought why not list it down here. It would be fun.
So here are the list of how Harry Potter changed my life.

1. I'm obsessed with Hermione Granger. She's probably everything I want to be.
Pretty, smart, kind and she kick asses. Or punch face, to be exact.

2. I find 'Bloody Hell' the cutest curse word ever. Especially when Rupert says them. Well, everything Rupert says is adorable.

3. I wanted an owl as a pet. Still do.

4. I order Butterbeer Frappucino in Starbuck. The best secret drink EVER.


6. I believe in magic. Or in the very least, the purest form of it. LOVE.

7. I secretly whisper 'Accio' when I'm to lazy to get up and get stuffs (which has never worked. OB-viously)

8. I quote stuffs from the books and movies. Hence, point number 7.

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9. I have a secret crush on Emma Watson (in non sexual ways of course). But again, who wouldn't? She and Hermione is basically the same person.

10. Spectacles rocks! I mean, even Harry don't do anything about his eyesight and kept his glasses. Pretty sure he can do something other than making Hermione chant 'Reparo' every time.

11. I met so many awesome Potterheads over the course of the years. Especially my awesome fellow Gryffindors'.

12. I'm more excited on the current Quidditch cup than the World cup.

13. I want a wand. Haven't got them since they're quite costly. But well, I will soon.

14. Didn't realized that the last book was released about 7 years ago (2007) and that the last movie was out 3 years ago (2011). I still rave about them. And it still feels like yesterday

15. Want to throw a Harry Potter themed party one day.

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19. Tumblr is my Harry Potter universe. We rules there.

18. I write a blog post telling on how much I love Harry Potter even when some think they're not relevant anymore. Which is so wrong!

There are so many things to write. But let say these are the stuffs I have in my mind right now.
I just finished my fourth Harry Potter movies marathon of the year. And going to reread the whole series again this weekend. So tell me, are you as obsessed to HP as I am?

And I leave you with my favorite HP inspired song.
 Which I'm pretty sure I've shared on  this blog before.

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Till next post, toodles  MISCHIEF MANAGED ~! ♥ミ  


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