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Beauty Talk Oxy Mask:Week 3

Hello guise!

So this is a continuation of my review on the Beauty Talk OxyMask that was sent to me!  If you haven't read my previous post. Beauty Talk OxyMask is multi functional mask that use Oxygen to let your skin becomes more radiant and brighter! To learn more you can check out the prev…

Annie's Way: Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask Review

Hello guise,

I'm back with a review :D This time I'll be talking about one of my favourite mask which is theAnnie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask. I came across this product through a Youtube review but sadly I don't remember when or from whom, but this produ…

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask:Week 2

Hello guise :D
Here is my week 2 testimonial on OxyMask.  In this review I will share my weekly skincare routine while using this oh so amazing mask. Since in previous post I stated that it is advisable to use this 3 times a week, I decided to use them on Sunday as the start off the week, then in…

Loceryl Malaysia Launching Event

Hello guise!
How do you define beauty? Is it all about pretty face? Slim figures? Stunning body shape?  Or is it something more?
I think little things like how healthy your hair or nails is are much more important. We all knows how to maintain a healthy hair. There are so many product out there …

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask

Hello guys :D

I'm back with my review series in collaboration with Beauty n Me and in this post I'll be introducing another product from Beauty Talk which is the Beauty Talk Oxy Mask. This will be my first week review on my first impression on the product and a little bit information for you guys!

First thing you need to know about this product is that it is all about the Oxygen!
It is well known how enough oxygen is very important to maintain a healthy skin. It's been emphasized so many times how hydration is the key and as we know, oxygen plays a big role in keeping skin hydrated. 

Kiehl's Fun In The Sun: Secret Garden One Utama

Hey guise!

So, if you saw my previous 'drama' post on how much I want to go to the Kiehl's Fun In The Sun event, well guess what? I got invited!
I was actually a bit late that morning because I got lost searching for the lift to go to the Secret Garden. I actually went to look for it&…

Holika Holika Mini Haul

I received my internship allowance not long ago, and decided to treat myself for a small haul at Holika Holika. I was actually aiming for some skincare products, but wasn't sure which brand to try.
 Since Holika Holika was having up to 60% saleduring that time (and the fact that they have such…

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream : Week 3

Hey Guys, This is a quick update on my week 3 update of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream trial. As from week 2 (click here), you could see in the post that the pimple scar on my face visibly reduced.  As for week 3 goes by, I noticed that the pores has gotten smaller in some areas. But the most n…

Celebrating Ramadhan with Daily Fresh

Hello guys!
I love foods. So, what's better than food?
It's free food of course. I got you there right ? Haha!
 Well,  I was invited by Daily Fresh for a food tasting session in Daily Fresh's Sunway Pyramid branch (before Ramadhan started of course). And oh my my, I had so much fun!  By…

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