July 27, 2014

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask:Week 3

Hello guise!

Do you know OxyMask is one of the bestsellers on BeautynMe?

So this is a continuation of my review on the Beauty Talk OxyMask that was sent to me!  If you haven't read my previous post. Beauty Talk OxyMask is multi functional mask that use Oxygen to let your skin becomes more radiant and brighter! To learn more you can check out the previous post here and here

 (Beauty n Me is having promotion until 28th July which is tomorrow, so click here to check them out)

Moving on to my review ^^:

From overall picture of Week 1 and Week 3, you could see my dull skin is brighter and more pinkish now! My dark circles also becomes less visible, especially right after application. And from the number (1) and (2), you can see the dark spots on my skin has clearly becomes lighter

And more over, the fresh smell of the mask is calming somehow for me. Love the bubbles that formed when I apply them on my skin.
 Product Info:

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
Price: RM230
Content: 50ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

 Website: www.beautynme.my
Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia
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Annie's Way: Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask Review

Hello guise,

I'm back with a review :D This time I'll be talking about one of my favourite mask which is the Annie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask. I came across this product through a Youtube review but sadly I don't remember when or from whom, but this product really works wonder on my skin!

It's for whitening, moisturizing, minimizes fine lines, leaving skin radiantly bright.

This is my second purchase of this awesome mask, and this time I ordered them from Maskslim which I came across through Google-ing. I don't remember which shop I bought the first time so thankfully I actually found another online shop that sells them in Malaysia.

This mask got a different range, but I've never tried others as this is the most loved one (from reviews I've read). And the Hyaluronic Acid contains really helps my dry skin.

The product inside

It doesn't really have any fragrance, and I love the cooling feeling as I lay down on my bed waiting for the time to scrap off the remaining product.

The application is not hard, you can just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Clean face and apply toner as a base
Step 2: Apply Jelly Mask with thickness approximately (0.3-0.5cm)
Step 3: After 30 mins, remove by scraping gently.
Step 4: Wipe off with tissue and rinse with water.
Step 5: Apply moisturizer

It is recommended to apply twice a week, or as needed.

Some benefits of this mask:

1.Remove Blackheads & Dead Skin

2.Brightening & Improve Skin Dullness

3.Calm Sensitive Skin

4.To Minimize Pores

5.Soften Skin & Lift Away Impurities

6.Deep Moisturizing

7.Prevent & Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines

You can see more about it through this video.

The part about the blackhead is the most amazing to me. Because seriously it helps a ton! When I first try this product, the amount of blackheads reduced a lot. Now, I use them once a week to make sure it won't be as bad as before. Unfortunately my phone camera doesn't really pick up the blackhead in the picture so I can't show it here. But I hope the video above shows a lot.
 Product Info
Product:  Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask
Price Bought: RM 90
Volume: 250ml
Made In: Taiwan
Official Website: www.anniesway.com.tw

I'm halfway through this second bottle and planning to buy more soon :D Maybe I'll try other product from the range and do another review on them

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

 P/S: This is not a sponsored post. 
I use my own money to buy this product and the opinions are truly of my own.

Credit video and picture banner: Maskslim

July 22, 2014

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask:Week 2

 Hello guise :D

Here is my week 2 testimonial on OxyMask.
 In this review I will share my weekly skincare routine while using this oh so amazing mask.
Since in previous post I stated that it is advisable to use this 3 times a week, I decided to use them on Sunday as the start off the week, then in the middle of the week on Wednesday, and lastly on Friday!

The best thing about this mask compared to a sheet mask is that I actually can apply it in the office. The past month I kept needing to stay at office till late and even on weekend so my skincare routine is a mess nowadays. Using sheet mask in the office (at night especially) can be a bit overboard i think, but for this Oxymask, its very easy to apply :D

The picture above on the left is the picture when I first try the mask, and the after picture is taken 2 weeks after application.

Do you know why the skin got brighter almost instantly when you apply them?
Because lack of oxygen in skin will make skin looks dull while OxyMask as per named gives our skin a boost of oxygen. I love the fact that this mask gives me enough hydration, and also gives instant result to make my face glow and radiant skin.

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
Price: RM230
Content: 50ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

 Website: www.beautynme.my
Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

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July 21, 2014

Loceryl Malaysia Launching Event

Hello guise!

How do you define beauty? Is it all about pretty face? Slim figures? Stunning body shape? 
Or is it something more?

I think little things like how healthy your hair or nails is are much more important. We all knows how to maintain a healthy hair. There are so many product out there that could help in giving enough nutrients to strengthen, thicken your hair etc. 

But nails? Apart from classic mani-pedi session which usually cost a bit of money, how much more you do you know about maintaining healthy nails? And how to know is you nails are healthy or not?

Have you heard about fungal nail infection? It's actually the most common nail disease but not many realized they have those until its a tad too late. Fungal Nail Infections or Onychomycosis is a fungal infections on either fingernails or toenails, but mostly occur on toenails. The sufferer of this conditions are mostly adults, and some of the indications are yellow or brown appearance of nails, thick or brittle nails, and in some cases nails are separated from the nail bed. Sometimes it also gives of a foul smell.

this is a less 'horror' example (credit google ;D)

Some common cause of nail fungal infections are:

- Injury that occur on nails
- Tight footwear
- Pre existing medical conditions

Those who are suffering from this problem should not take it lightly as it could cause infection to other nails, and sometimes damage the nail permanently. If the infection gets bad, the worse case of scenario is that your nail will have to be pulled out by doctor. And that is very painful! (not that I've experienced it)

Some people might think it's such a nuisance to go see doctors for such 'non-threatening' problem. Now, Galderma had come up with a simpler solution for most of us with their prescriptive treatment for fungal nails infections. Their product, Loceryl® from France is a nail lacquer treatment is now finally available for purchase in major pharmacies in Malaysia and I was invited to attend their media launching event in Posh Nail Spa, TTDI not long ago.

diy salt scrub counter!

done salt scrub

manicure session

blue nails ;D

It was such a lovely event where we received a complimentary manicure session and also got to try making our own salt scrub as we arrived. The event then move on to the introduction and launching of this product. Speeches were given by Jean-Sebastien Ricard, the General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma, Mr. Teh Chean Boon, Sales & Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia, and also Dr Noorzalmy Azizan, Consultant Dermatologist, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The event was emceed by the lovely celebrity emcee Cay Kujipers.

What is Loceryl® ?

It is a well known treatment and clinically proven prescription which releases the active ingredient Amorolfine 5% to kill infections caused by the three types of fungi.

- Dermatophytes (most common cause)
- Yeasts
- Moulds

The anti-fungal effect is maintained for a minimum 7 days within the nails (which means it only needs a once a week application) and based on clinical trial on patients, this product could completely treat fingernails infection up to 6 months, and 9-12 months for toenails.

With this post I hope more people will gain awareness on this common yet highly ignored problem. And for those who is suffering with this condition or showing early signs of it, you can now grab yours and treat them at the comfort of your own home.

For More Info

Loceryl® Fungal Nail Infections Lacquer
Price: RM 99.80
Available At: 
Watson, Guardian, Vitacare, Caring, AEON Wellness and other major pharmacies

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

July 17, 2014

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask

Hello guys :D

I'm back with my review series in collaboration with Beauty n Me and in this post I'll be introducing another product from Beauty Talk which is the Beauty Talk Oxy Mask. This will be my first week review on my first impression on the product and a little bit information for you guys!

First thing you need to know about this product is that it is all about the Oxygen!
It is well known how enough oxygen is very important to maintain a healthy skin. It's been emphasized so many times how hydration is the key and as we know, oxygen plays a big role in keeping skin hydrated. 

July 14, 2014

Kiehl's Fun In The Sun: Secret Garden One Utama

Hey guise!

So, if you saw my previous 'drama' post on how much I want to go to the Kiehl's Fun In The Sun event, well guess what? I got invited!

I was actually a bit late that morning because I got lost searching for the lift to go to the Secret Garden. I actually went to look for it's location one day earlier so I wont be like a lost kitten but well, I still did in the end. Silly me!(figures -__-")

Anyhow the dress code was to wear something Summer inspired, so I just mix and match stuffs I have in the wardrobe. Seriously, it was a headache since I'm very bad at it. Especially when I have limited clothing

So, as I arrived I was greeted by the receptionist who handed me my goodies back and I rushed inside since the event already started. Thank god, I didn't miss anything major since it was more of a lay back, chilled out kind of event. Oh by the way, my short walk to where the event is was not boring at all. I never knew such pretty place existed in One Utama *checks for later visit*

After saying hi to Mamasan and some others, I was invited to get some refreshments and also some titbits from the area where they served foods. We had a blue soda (which I refilled 3 times!), and some other foods like caramel pudding, cakes, and a few other stuffs that I don't remember but pretty sure they were delicious.

And the chit-chating, pictures snapping session started!

my terrarium!

We took pictures as we wait for our turn to build our own personal terrarium. To be honest I've never heard of them before, but gosh, now they're so adorable that I want to make more for my room!

And it's just as simple as ABC.

instructions for us!

choosing our plant, and putting the stuffs in!

So now moving on the the highlight of the day!
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser & Toner. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream.

The Kiehl's staff helped me to test my skin condition for two areas, my cheek and my forehead. And I got 'normal to dry' on forehead, and 'dry' on my cheek.
 (Yeah, all the air conditioning in office does makes my face super dry these days)

I was told that the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream was intended for normal to oily combination skin, but when I got home I still insist on trying them. And guess what? The gel works like miracle. My skin does gets moisturized better! And this is not just some sweet talking.

But before I tell more on the results I had, let me introduce you to all 3 products in this range that I received for testing.

The Ultra Facial Oil-Free range offers a three way solution of your skin problem which is 24 hours HYDRATION, PORE REDUCTION and SHINE CONTROL.

The three major ingredients are

Glacial Proteins, Desert Plan, and Oil Free Skin Conditioners 

 My Review:

I have a dry to normal skin, so based on the product description I found out my skin type wasn't actually suitable for this range. But I decided to try them since I received a complete full sized set. The cleanser and toner is fine for me, not drying at all. But the holy grail of this range to me is the gel cream. Even though the product is intended for normal to oily skin type, I find this gel cream to be very suitable for my dry skin! It actually moisturize it enough that I don't have flaky and dry looking skin when I wear makeup ever since I've been using it. I'm pretty sure I'll buy another bottle of it once I ran out. I LOVE the cooling feeling after application of this gel. And it does gives instant result. My skin feels so soft and velvety.

Oh I also saw some tips on these products!

Cool Tip: 
1. Put the toner in the fridge for an ultimate cool experience!
2. For extra cool feeling, dab a bit more gel to the wanted area!

Product Info

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (RM 85/150ml)
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner(RM 85/200ml)
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream(RM 100/50ml) 

More Info
Website: http://www.kiehlstimes.com
Facebook: Kiehl's Malaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

July 08, 2014

Holika Holika Mini Haul

I received my internship allowance not long ago, and decided to treat myself for a small haul at Holika Holika. I was actually aiming for some skincare products, but wasn't sure which brand to try.

 Since Holika Holika was having up to 60% sale during that time (and the fact that they have such cute packaging) I decided to try on some of their products.

I got a total of six stuffs which are:

- Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Mist in Lemon Squash

- Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head Massage Gel 
- Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head Deep Cleaning Oil Balm

- Holika Holika Sand Nail Polish (Mint Cream) 

- Holika Holika Nail Polish (Cherry Blossom and Milky Lemon)

And by the way, the Pig Nose naming did cracked me up a little. So funny! I read it somewhere on the net, but someone guessed that they named it after pig because they clearly don't have blackheads. LOL! Not that I know if it's legitimate or not. Haha!

So far, I love all the products I bought. Maybe I'll do a review about them.

And ohh I also got a cute Holika Holika eco shopping bag and Holika Holika umbrella as a free gift.

And by the way I spent about RM110 for all those. I got 20% off for the peeling mist, 50% off for each of the Pig Nose Clear Black Head products, and the nail polishes was having a buy 2 free 1 promotions.

**I did this entry long ago, but my inner-grandma makes me totally forgot about it. But not posting it seems like a waste, and I can't bother to rewrite them. Haha thats explains the internship allowance part, because hey I've finished my internship last June!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

July 06, 2014

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream : Week 3

Hey Guys,
This is a quick update on my week 3 update of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream trial.
As from week 2 (click here), you could see in the post that the pimple scar on my face visibly reduced. 
As for week 3 goes by, I noticed that the pores has gotten smaller in some areas. But the most noticeable change is that my skin tone gets brighter.

The best part, my skin doesn't feel as rough and dry, and looks fairy moisturized!
Applying makeup with Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream as a base is fairly easy, and no nonsense.
I don't need layers of foundation and concealer on days where I want to wear fairly simple makeup.

Look forward to my fourth week review as I will also do a simple makeup look using this as the base :D

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
Price: RM150
Content: 30ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

 Website: www.beautynme.my
Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

Celebrating Ramadhan with Daily Fresh

Hello guys!

I love foods.
So, what's better than food?

It's free food of course.
I got you there right ? Haha!

 Well,  I was invited by Daily Fresh for a food tasting session in Daily Fresh's Sunway Pyramid branch (before Ramadhan started of course). And oh my my, I had so much fun!  By the way, beware of the following, your hunger level might go up!

The session started around 5pm and I went there with a fellow butterfly blogger Kak Puteri (pzaqmar.com). When we arrived the management staffs from Daily Fresh were already there waiting to greet us. It was more of a casual, small session with only five bloggers, but the foods they served us makes it seem like we had more people.

Are you wondering what we had that day? Well it literally almost everything from the Daily Fresh menu.

See some of the menu above? Well, we tried almost every single of them.
(Yes, you may drool in envy now, haha)

The first one was the all time classic corn in cup but of course with a bit of a twist. They came with 5 different flavours to choose from.


From the left: 
Freaky Garlic Cheese, Fury Chilli, Original Margarine and Salt, Fancy Mayo and Sweetened Milk

My vedict:
I'm pretty sure everyone knows how the original margarine and salt tasted like. While I usually buy the sweetened milk flavour , I've never once I tried the other three. And I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

Freaky Garlic Cheese: My new favourite! If you thought it sounds unappetizing like I did before I tried it, well hold your thought because you might love it as much as I do. The taste of garlic along with the sweetness from the corn and a bit of heaviness from cheese, they all complement each other well

Fury Chilli: This one got a fun taste. If you like hot and spicy stuffs then this is for you. I was suffering a bit from the spiciness since I'm quite bad in handling spicy stuffs, but the taste kind of get to you. I just can't stop scooping because the taste that lingers in my mouth ends up making me wanting more.

Fancy Mayo: The sour creamy mayonnaise really suit the corn. Kids would probably like this most out of the three 'special' flavor.

Moving on to the next menu in our food tasting marathon. Daily Fresh sells freshly made waffles in their store, but have you guys tried their special Premium Wafito range? Instead of the usual 'jam and butter' , the premium range offers something more of a fusion.

Premium Wafito Range 

Coco Deluxe

This one has peanut butter, and pieces of chocolates inside. Very rich indeed. I think kids would love this very much. They got bits of chocolate pieces inside. It's a tad sweet for me since I'm not exactly a chocolate person.

Chicken Floss

This one is more like a complete fulfilling meal on the go. The chicken floss really set up the flavor to be very distinct but they surprisingly blends well with the waffles, and mayonnaise.

Pandan Kaya

This one is the most common flavour. It got butter (lots of them seriously) and panda kaya spread on them.
I would really love them for breakfast. The melting butter on a hot waffles. Oh my, I'm drooling as I'm typing this.

Japanese BBQ

In short, this tasted exactly like a takoyaki ball minus the chicken/octopus/prawn filling.  They also have that flakes usually used to garnish a takoyaki ball (sorry, I tried to rack my brain with its name but I just can't remember). And again surprisingly, this is my second favourite after the Pandan Kaya

Nyonya Kaya

What differs this from Panda Kaya is the roasted coconut shred. You should try this if you're missing some traditional vibe in your life. It got a very classic taste.

Now the part which I love most out of all during the session. It's the tasting of their Ice Kino and Gelato Tempo range. Gosh, it was totally an off diet day for me. I mean, seriously who can resist those?!

Ice Kino Range
From left: 
Pineapple, Chocolate, Mango, Mocha, Honey Dew, Soursop, Strawberry and Vanilla

Gelato Tempo Range

From left: 
Yogurt Mango, Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate, Yogurt melon, Strawberry, Yogurt Original & Black Sesame

I usually buy the Strawberry Ice Kino, and after trying all of them I got to say Strawberry still tops the chart 
And now to the hard part, seriously the  Gelato Tempo flavours got quite a competition with each other. Seriously, with the price I got to say it'll just worth every penny.

And I found the gem among all.

I just couldn't have enough of that. So good.
After that is the Yogurt Original. Both got perfect flavors, oh gosh I'm salivating right now.

Now last but not least, the Daily Fresh popcorns!


Yeah, what strange flavours right? But behold, cause they're so good!
My personal favourite it the Honeydew flavor.
Kak Puteri love the Seaweed flavor.

And considering the quantity and taste, they get such amazing price!

I also got to meet a new friend that day. 
(Sara, if you're reading, HI! ^^)
Check out her blog here at alizasara.blogspot.com

from left: alizasara, me, tracy and kak puteri

We got a bag of 2 popcorn to take home. And my family ate the Honeydew one so fast!
I guess we had similar palate. Haha

In welcoming the coming up Ramadhan, Daily Fresh is having a special promotion for their customers.
Promotion Info:
- The promotion runs from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014

- Purchase 1 big tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn and 1 big tub of ANY flavour Daily Fresh Popcorn and get 1 small tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Daily Fresh Hari Raya Paper Bag & 1 pack of Daily Fresh Green packets (5 pieces)

- Purchase ANY flavoured Gelato Tempo at RM4.90 with FREE toppings
So if you're craving for some Daily Fresh Gelato or Popcorn, you can check out the nearest outlet in the link below

Daily Fresh Outlets:

Selling Gelato Tempo
Selling Popcorn

And here is a e-voucher for you to use :D

For More Info:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DailyFreshMalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

(pictures credit: kak puteri and sara)