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Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream : Week 3

Hey Guys,
This is a quick update on my week 3 update of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream trial.
As from week 2 (click here), you could see in the post that the pimple scar on my face visibly reduced. 
As for week 3 goes by, I noticed that the pores has gotten smaller in some areas. But the most noticeable change is that my skin tone gets brighter.

The best part, my skin doesn't feel as rough and dry, and looks fairy moisturized!
Applying makeup with Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream as a base is fairly easy, and no nonsense.
I don't need layers of foundation and concealer on days where I want to wear fairly simple makeup.

Look forward to my fourth week review as I will also do a simple makeup look using this as the base :D

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
Price: RM150
Content: 30ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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