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Loceryl Malaysia Launching Event

Hello guise!

How do you define beauty? Is it all about pretty face? Slim figures? Stunning body shape? 
Or is it something more?

I think little things like how healthy your hair or nails is are much more important. We all knows how to maintain a healthy hair. There are so many product out there that could help in giving enough nutrients to strengthen, thicken your hair etc. 

But nails? Apart from classic mani-pedi session which usually cost a bit of money, how much more you do you know about maintaining healthy nails? And how to know is you nails are healthy or not?

Have you heard about fungal nail infection? It's actually the most common nail disease but not many realized they have those until its a tad too late. Fungal Nail Infections or Onychomycosis is a fungal infections on either fingernails or toenails, but mostly occur on toenails. The sufferer of this conditions are mostly adults, and some of the indications are yellow or brown appearance of nails, thick or brittle nails, and in some cases nails are separated from the nail bed. Sometimes it also gives of a foul smell.

this is a less 'horror' example (credit google ;D)

Some common cause of nail fungal infections are:

- Injury that occur on nails
- Tight footwear
- Pre existing medical conditions

Those who are suffering from this problem should not take it lightly as it could cause infection to other nails, and sometimes damage the nail permanently. If the infection gets bad, the worse case of scenario is that your nail will have to be pulled out by doctor. And that is very painful! (not that I've experienced it)

Some people might think it's such a nuisance to go see doctors for such 'non-threatening' problem. Now, Galderma had come up with a simpler solution for most of us with their prescriptive treatment for fungal nails infections. Their product, Loceryl® from France is a nail lacquer treatment is now finally available for purchase in major pharmacies in Malaysia and I was invited to attend their media launching event in Posh Nail Spa, TTDI not long ago.

diy salt scrub counter!

done salt scrub

manicure session

blue nails ;D

It was such a lovely event where we received a complimentary manicure session and also got to try making our own salt scrub as we arrived. The event then move on to the introduction and launching of this product. Speeches were given by Jean-Sebastien Ricard, the General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma, Mr. Teh Chean Boon, Sales & Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia, and also Dr Noorzalmy Azizan, Consultant Dermatologist, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The event was emceed by the lovely celebrity emcee Cay Kujipers.

What is Loceryl® ?

It is a well known treatment and clinically proven prescription which releases the active ingredient Amorolfine 5% to kill infections caused by the three types of fungi.

- Dermatophytes (most common cause)
- Yeasts
- Moulds

The anti-fungal effect is maintained for a minimum 7 days within the nails (which means it only needs a once a week application) and based on clinical trial on patients, this product could completely treat fingernails infection up to 6 months, and 9-12 months for toenails.

With this post I hope more people will gain awareness on this common yet highly ignored problem. And for those who is suffering with this condition or showing early signs of it, you can now grab yours and treat them at the comfort of your own home.

For More Info

Loceryl® Fungal Nail Infections Lacquer
Price: RM 99.80
Available At: 
Watson, Guardian, Vitacare, Caring, AEON Wellness and other major pharmacies

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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