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10-Step Korean Skincare ft Muse by Watsons

Hello guys :)

These days, one of the hottest beauty trend is about how to achieve fair and glowing skin like the Korean celebrities. Being a such fan in the Hallyu wave, I too have been paying attention on Korean makeup trends and also skincare regimen routine. The well-known one which usually been mentioned is about how important sunscreen is (not just when playing outside or when going to the beach).

But there are more than that to achieve those glowing, fair baby skin like them! I was lucky to be invited by The Butterfly Project♥ to attend a private blogger event hosted by Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

We all know Watson as a major pharmacy in Malaysia, but do you know Watson has a special store which is curated to focus on Asian top beauty products especially skincare? Yes, it is Muse by Watson and it's just recently open in 2013. It's really an awesome marketing approach because we really need a place to find the most suitable skincare product for our Asian skin. Do you know that our Asian skin has different characteristic compared to the Caucasian people? I've actually done a post about that in 'Get To Know Your Skin: Asian Skin Type' post so you can check it out there.

So, back to our main content. 

How many steps do you think required to achieve that dewy, fair, bright and glowing skin like the Korean do?

3 steps? 5 steps? 7 steps?

Well, none of the numbers above is true.
The average steps taken by them is about 10 steps to complete one skincare routine each time.

Crazy to some of you?
Well, there is a saying "No Pain, No Gain"
Do you think those porcelain looking skin is achieve with just a good night sleep?

Welcoming Session! She got really nice skin you know!

So let me share with all of you on the 10-step Korean Skincare regimen.

STEP 1:  Pre Cleanse/ Remove Makeup

Double cleanse method is very popular in Korea. First is to remove your makeup using a gentle makeup remover for eyes and lips, followed by cleansing oil for your face. Use a nutrient-rich cotton wipe that is gentle on skin. Then, use deep cleaning cleansing oil to draw out impurities.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- CLIV Mediskin Cleansing Lotion, 250ml, RM90
- CLIV Cleansing Oil, 250ml, RM90

*extra fact: CLIV is proven a safe skincare brand ,safe enough to use them right after laser surgery. *

STEP 2: Cleanse

Second half of double cleanse method: cleanse with mild cream or foam cleanser to further remove traces of makeup or dirt. Make sure to use one that is suitable for your skin type. Massage your face gently to increase circulation which will give you brighter complexion

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
 -Cremorlab Foaming Cleanser, 145ml, RM59
-Ibling Sonic Pore Face Cleanser Set. RM199

STEP 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliate with face scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells. Gently focus on trouble areas like visible pores and black heads areas on the nose

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- DHC Facial Scrub, 100g, RM69.90
- Cremorlab O2 Bubble Energizing Mask, 100ml, RM99

STEP 4: Refresher

Toner is used to balance and restore skin PH to allow better penetration for next step which is Essence. It also tightens pores.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
-Cremorlab Essence Tonic, 250ml, RM69

STEP 5: Essence

- This step is often regarded as the most important one in Korean skincare regimen. Essence is a nourishing liquid concentrates that enhance skin cellular renewal process which leads to increase in elasticity and firmness and well brightening the complexion.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, 270ml, RM129

STEP 6: Ampoule

- Ampoule contains concentrated active ingredients with smaller molecules for deeper penetration to target specific skin concerns. It works like wonders to combat skin problems such as sign of ageing, pigmentation, excessive oil productiom amd etc, depending on the ampoule range. It'll give out faster result with complete regimen.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- CLIV Mediclear Healer Ampiul, 30ml, RM200
-CLIV Revitalizing C I2PL Corrector Ampoule, 30ml, RM200

STEP 7:Sheet Mask

- Use sheet mask twice a week on top of your skincare ritual, or use more if you have dry skin. Sheet masks contains nutritious ingredients for your skin.

Fun fact of sheet mask: Korean love using them so much because sheet mask help to force your skin to absorb the the nutrients and moisture intensively before products have the chance to evaporate

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- CLIV Mediclear Healer Ampoule Mask, 35g, RM33
- CLIV Collagen Resurgene Ampoule Masl, 35g, RM33

STEP 8: Eye Cream

- Often neglected step, but very important. Skin around eye area are very thin and fragile compared to other areas on face hence require extra gentle care. It's more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration.

Tips: Make sure when you apply them, gently tap the product around the entire eye gently. Do not massage in circular motion or use strong pressure.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- Cremorlab Wrinkle Off Eye Cream, 15ml, RM89

STEP 9: Moisturizer

Replenish your skin hydration and lock it with lightweight emulsion. Use you fingertip and lightly massage product on face and neck to promote healthy blood circulation.

Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:

- Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel, 100ml RM119
- CLIV Mediclaear Cream, 70g, RM180

STEP 10: Night Cream

Night cream helps lock the goodness of the serums and ampoules while adding moisture. Another option is to use sleeping pack which is jelly like texture packed with moisture and many nourishing benefits leaving skin soft and hydrated. You'll feel amazing when you wake up the next morning!
Skin this step during daytime of course!

Extra tip:
During day time, after the skincare regime, apply sunblock or BB Cream to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight and UV rays.

 Product Suggestion by MUSE by Watsons:
- Cremorlab Enriched Moisture , 45ml, Rm129
- AM+PM 10 Peptide Firming Night Jelly

Me getting personalized skin analysis

That day, I was also lucky to get a personalized skin analysis with professional product recommendation ;D 
And also a free full makeover!

There was also some refreshment (they actually let us order our own Starbucks drink, any size we want--awesome right?), and also some delicious dessert. The macaroons were so good! I forgot to ask where did they order them because it really was good.

Trying the Ciracle Blackhead Mask. I ended up buying them!

I even did some haul based on my personalized skin analysis. Not to forget the goodie bag we received that contains awesome product too!
I will make a review on my haul soon so stay tuned!

products from goodie bag!

cremorlab hydrating mini kit

A deluxe size of CLIV ampoule worth RM200! I'm so lucky!
Thank you muse by watson and butterfly project for this awesomeness

my haul; cliv bb cream, ciracle blackhead off cotton mask, and ciracle pore control tightening serum (and a hydrating mist which is already in my office, i forgot to take the picture, lol)

And here are some the pictures taken on that day, courtesy of Muse by Watson and Butterfly Project Community. And one selca using my phone camera ;D

with fellow bloggers
Registration and Goodie Bag :)
the interior ; love the white clean design!

The products used during the demonstration

With the pretty bloggers and the makeover model

Anyway, a huge thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Muse by Watsons for inviting me to such a warm, and friendly event. I gained a lot of tips on that day which I already start applying them daily!
 Maybe I'm already one step forward to dewy smooth skin like the Koreans?
Well I wish so too! 

P/s: Tell me about your current skincare regime? How many steps did you use? Are you planning to follow the Korean Skincare regime that I just shared today? 

If you're interested to get the recommended products, drop by at Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

More info :
Muse By Watson

Facebook Page:

Sunway Pyramid
LG1.59, Lower Ground One,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours:

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. have so much fun at the event right?heheh!

    1. yess i do! i really love the ampoule we got that day

  2. May I know what camera you using? It's looks really nice!

    1. The pictures during the event was provided by the official cameraman. While others (product pic/selfie) just from my old Samsung S3 phone :)


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