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Malaysia Women's Weekly: Fitness and Wellbeing Workshop 2015

 Hello guys!

I have a confession, I don't really exercise. I'm bad at all kind of sports and I'm afraid of anything that involves a ball because I once got hit by a soccer ball when I was a kid; and that experience was scary enough that I can vividly recount that experience.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. I realized that I need to be active to keep healthy so when Kak Ella from Dari Jari Jari Halusku asked me to join her for a fitness workshop, I said yes. The  Fitness and Well being workshop was organized by the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine and was held at the Le Meridian Hotel near KL Sentral.

As I'm writing this  my whole body are actually still aching from the exercise that I did during the workshop (edit: wrote this one week before). It's not a blogger event but a paid workshop that cost me some money but I need to say that it was worth every cent spent! And the best thing about that day was that a few other bloggers from The Butterfly Project also registered so we had a blast in each other companies.

The workshop were divided into three different session:

1. Workout Session with Bodytone Studio

This was the hardest yet the most fun part. It's been awhile since I did such vigorous steps like that so I was struggling to catch up. Thank God my partner was cool enough and keep encouraging me. We laughed like crazy as we tried to follow the coaches instruction. It felt refreshing too!

2. Nutrition Tips and Cooking Demonstration

We did some fun activities trying to figure out meal plan that would follow the daily serving intake for every food classes. There was also a cooking demonstration from a chef from Nestle showing us how to make a few simple dishes. The chef was also very entertaining and easy going so we laughed so much listening to his antics.

3. Juicing Recipes and How to Detox

One more special part is a detox class where we were shown how to make a Green Juice made of banana, spinach and dragon fruit and I actually really like it!

We also received a goodie bag worth and I've got to say there were lots of stuffs in it! In overall , it was a very fun experience, and seriously we were having so much fun exercising, mingling, eating and taking pictures together.

Last but not least thanks for everyone who were there with me and thank you for letting me use your pictures! You can also check out their blog here: Meena, Betty, Elena, Kak Ella.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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