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Top Movies To Watch in March 2015

Hello Guys!

I love watching movies but somehow I think I don't go to cinema as often as other people my age. Most of the time its usually because I have no time to go and when I already have my schedule cleared, everyone around me have already watch the movie I want to watch. Yes, it's sad sometimes but don't laugh at me!

Anyway in this month I have a few movies that are in my list to watch so I thought why not share that with you guys. These movie may be released on or before March but they are the one that I plan to watch this month so if you haven't watch them you might as well check them out.


This is a long awaited movie for me. I first found out about this movie when they were in the cast selection stage and I read somewhere that my favourite Helena Bonham Carter has been chosen to play as Cinderella's fairy godmother. As we all know, she is the infamous Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter movies and acting as a fairy godmother is totally a 180 degrees change! Although she won't have to prove her ability in acting as she definitely is a great actress, I am really curious as how this movie going to turn out. 

First impression while watching the trailer?
Storyline based on the Cinderella fairy tale as we all know but I bet there will be some additional story in it. Yes, that was my first thought before I watch the trailer but after watching , I thought even if it's just done with the plain old storyline I MUST WATCH IT!!! You can read the full synopsis here.


I came across the trailer of this Thailand movie by chance on Facebook and I was totally immersed in just a few minutes. I know sometimes trailers can be a bit deceptive but I had a really good laugh even by watching the trailer so I think I should give this a shot too especially when I really love a good romcom movie.

First impression while watching the trailer?
It actually reminds me of a Korean movie I watched long ago called Please Teach Me English. It's about romance while trying to learn English. But in this I Fine, Thank You.. Love You the love line is between the teacher and the student. You can read the full synopsis here


This was actually released on February but I haven't gotten the chance to watch. One of the member of my favourite group Super Junior Siwon is acting in this movie. Apart from wanting to support his film, I heard really good reviews about it! To tell you the truth, I think there is no way it won't be good as all of the cast list are amazing. Having Jackie Chan alone is like a guarantee to it.

First impression while watching the trailer?
Not much to say, it's going to be an epic movie. You can read the synopsis here.


Although this type of movie is not exactly one of a kind but I think I will like it. A talking police robot that develop its own feeling and thought? I really am intrigued on how this movie will ends.

First impression while watching the trailer?
This movie reminds me of something that is of a mix of Wall-E , Robocop and Real Steel. You can read the synopsis here

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. I sure hope my first comment made it through! But if it didn't, then here's a new one...

    I have yet to watch Dragon Blade too, so you are not alone in that regards haha! Idk if I want to watch Cinderella in the cinema though, or wait for it to be released on DVD...

    1. No, i doesn't make it thorugh. I was confused at first! Hah, I don't know I will make it to Dragon Blade but I'm surely going to watch Cinderella. In fact I bought the tickets to watch tomorrow ;D

  2. Cinderella is a MUST SEE, Anis!!


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