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50 Shades of Lip Colours: 3CE Lip Pigment Review.

 Hello guys!

LOL. See what I did with the post title? Although personally I have so many problems with the film 50 Shades of Grey and I don't even want to talk about it now, but 50 shades of lip colours do sounds like fun right? In this post, I'm going to tell you guys on how to have fun with makeup product using the 3CE Lip Pigments that I received from Muse By Watson x Butterfly Project meetup.

3CE Lip Pigment; 3CE Lip Pigment Review; 3CE Lip Pigment Tutorial; 3CE Lip Pigment Review Electro Pink; 3CE Lip Pigment Review Modern White
Packaging: Front View

3CE Lip Pigment; 3CE Lip Pigment Review; 3CE Lip Pigment Tutorial; 3CE Lip Pigment Review Electro Pink; 3CE Lip Pigment Review Modern White
Packaging: Back View

I remember when I was little, I dreaded the time for art class as I'm definitely not very creative as others. But sometimes, I do enjoy some artsy stuffs especially when it comes to mixing water colours! Even if the final product always turned out sub par, I will always love the mixing part. Yes, I'm bad at art but I guess I'm not completely failing at it since I've taken so much liking into makeup! And thanks to that hobby of mine, I now get to relive my interest in mixing colours as I now use the 3CE Lip Pigment. Do you know that this product allow you to use your imagination and creativity to create new shades of lipstick that you can think of?

Wondering how? 

By mixing two or more colours from 3CE Lip Pigments you can create variety of shades and colours from the original one.

Tube: Front View

Tube: Back View

For example, the two lip pigments that I received are in the shade Electro Pink and Modern White. Electro Pink is a very strong and bold pink colour so on the days where I want to do a stronger looking lip look, all I have to do is take out my lip brush and apply it on my lips. But, on the days where I want to create a softer colour all I have to do is to mix it with the white lip pigment. The intensity will be different based on the mixing ratio of both colours so I can have different shades starting from a very light pink, or one or to shade softer than the original bold pink.

Not creative? No worries! 

source image: pinterest

For those who are not really good at it, 3CE have this colour mixing chart to give us a few example on how the colours should be mixed. There are seven different lip pigments shade for this range so imagine the possibilities! I'm feeling extra helpful today so down here is the colour mixing chart for you guys to refer to:

source image: eyecandys

See? From seven basic colours we can get another nine extra colours and this is just based on the chart above. I bet we can create even more if we mix more than two colours into one.

Now are you bought yet? Well, there's more than that so keep on reading. These lip pigments can also be used as eyeshadow and even as blusher and all you have to do is to mix, mix and mix! To use it as a cream eyeshadow you just need to mix the product with eyeshadow powder so it'll stay on longer and as for which colour to mix with which,it is totally up to you. For blusher, mixing the pigment with liquid foundation will do the trick. Now, I have a cream blusher and I can even decide the intensity. Yay!

3CE Lip Pigment; 3CE Lip Pigment Review; 3CE Lip Pigment Tutorial; 3CE Lip Pigment Blusher
How To Use 3CE Lip Pigments as Blusher

It's highly pigmented and stays for quite a long time too. Even the blusher mix on my hand takes almost the whole day to be removed completely if I don't use makeup remover and wipe it off with tissue or even wash it up with water. The only thing that you'll have to give extra attention is that this product is a bit drying when used on the lips so make sure you apply plenty of lip balm beforehand.

3CE Lip Pigment; 3CE Lip Pigment Review; 3CE Lip Pigment Makeup Tutorial; 3CE Lip Pigment
Full Makeup Look using 3CE Lip Pigment on Eye, Cheek and Lips

For the Barbie inspired makeup look above, the lip colour is achieved by mixing Electro Pink and Modern White together. The blush uses the Electro Pink pigment and was added to my foundation. The eye look was created using the Modern White pigments and mixed with some eye shadows in my stash.

In overall, this product is really great and so far all the 3CE products I've tried on are not disappointing. Before this, I have to order online to get my hand on these good stuffs but there is no need to feel worried anymore now as we can finally get them in Malaysia through Muse By Watson in Sunway Pyramid for RM78.00 each

I will do another 3CE product reviews soon so don't forget to come back. Meanwhile, check out my other posts on a brands which you can also get in Muse By Watson by clicking on the link below: 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Pretty look using 3ce products!! Haha I really need to start my reviews of the one I got too!

    1. Thanks babe ;D I'm looking forward to your reviews too!

  2. I have their lipstick. It's not bad!

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  3. Very nice colors! ^ ^

  4. Love the Barbie-inspired colours on you, babe! Pink suits you! <3

    1. Thanks Carol. I don't usually do full on makeup like this but decided to play with the product ;D

  5. Replies
    1. You should try them, they are really pigmented ;D

  6. Im very newwbiee in all the makeup things, but i really enjoy reading your blog. Maybe you can gve some tips for newbie just like me ��. Tq..

    1. Well, I'm not that expert either. But one thing I know for sure about makeup is that you need to keep practicing. Good luck!


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