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Cruising Putrajaya Lake with Pure Beauty and Watson Malaysia

cr: Mira Cikcit

Hello guys!

After so many years, I finally got a chance to cruise on the beautiful Putrajaya Lake! This was all thanks to Watson Malaysia and Pure Beauty for being such a sport and booked the whole cruise boat for the launching event of Pure Beauty's latest skincare range. It was raining when we first board the cruise but after the launching ceremony and a quick buffet session, the sky cleared up so we managed to go on the deck!
Speaking of the new range, Pure Beauty's Youth Restore Life and Nourish are developed in South Koreausing latest technology breakthrough in anti-aging skincare innovation and is now in all Watson outlets. Comes in four different products, this skincare range target all areas on your face especially the eye area which we often neglect, also the day and night cream and a firming essence.

Lift & Nourish Eye Cream (RM49.90)
Lift & Nourish Firming Essence (RM69.90)
Lift & Nourish Repair Night Cream (RM55.90)
Lift & Nourish Moisture Day Cream SPF20 (RM54.90)

You know it's never too early to start protecting your skin to prevent early aging sign right? Being Asian, my skin is very sensitive and prone to a lot of of problem as I have explained in my previous blog post on getting to know Asian Skin which you can read HERE. It's very important to make sure to prevent rather than repair so anti-aging skincare is like a gem!

cr: Watson Malaysia Facebook Page

During the launching ceremony, Watson invited Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim who flew all the way from South Korea to give us some explanation about the range that he himself helped developed. He explained the four key ingredient that has been tested and proven to help in youthful skin restoration. Liftonin Complex help to reduce wrinkles and boost skin elasticity while Blue Lotus Extract, Green Caviar and Red Korean Ginseng Peptide act as ingredient that help to lock hydration. Other ingredients in the product also help to soothe the skin.

Carol getting personalized skin analysis (cr: Miriam)

He also helped some lucky bloggers to check their skin condition and gave some advice on how to improve them. Not just that, they applied some of the product on their hand and in just short five minutes the hydration level of that particular area has increased visibly on the hydration meter.
Not just that Wong Chui Ling, Watson celebrity friend was there to share with us her testimony after using the product for about a month. The new mother to be explained that the products helps her under eye dark circles problem and also helped her achieve a brighter and youthful looking skin. 

Watson generously gave me two products from the range to try which are the firming essence and eye cream. Price wise, I think it's a product worth the money value since it's very affordable. The formuation is not too sticky and absorbs fast on the skin. There is a bit of ginseng 'herbal-ish' smell but very faint and not very noticeable so it should not be a problem.

Youth Restore: Lift & Nourish Firming Eye Cream
Youth Restore: Lift & Nourish Firming Essence

I had such a blast learning about this additional range from Pure Beauty. Being able to mingle and have fun with fellow bloggers are also something unforgettable for me. Thank you again Watson Malaysia for inviting me! Last but not least, let me spam you with a some more pictures we took that day.

Me on the deck! (cr: Miriam)
With the girls! (cr: Miriam)

Again with the girls! (cr: Miriam)

With my girls! (cr: Miriam)

Grab your own Pure Beauty's Youth Restore range in the nearest Watson store to you. You can also visit their Facebook Page or click to directly check their website at for further information or to check their latest promotion.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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