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Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur SPA15/PA+ Review

 Hello guys!

We all love to use filters for our pictures nowadays. With smartphone apps, there are many types of filters available for use and we especially girls love to use them on our selfie or selca pictures. I mean who wouldn't love it when it's so easy to make own skin looks flawless and smooth with just a few clicks and taps on the screen? It's just like magic!

With that in mind, Etude House has created one more interesting product which is the Beauty Shot Face Blur  SPA15/PA+ . The name itself already piqued your interest right? I was very curious about this product too so I decided to order them from Korea as it's cheaper there. They're also available in Etude House Malaysia but I'm not sure exactly how much it will cost especially since GST is applied now but it would probably be around RM120.

Anyway lets go on to the product review:

 What It Is?

This lightweight cream is used as base or primer that gives skin a smoother and refined look using its multi-blurring effect. It will also helps to brighten up complexion and help your skin to look almost flawless in pictures.

In order to achieve the flawless look, this product are made up by a few main substances:

1. Baby Pixels or also known as Blur Powder:
It is a super fine particles that will help to cover up pores and bumps and making skin look smooth.

2. Cover Powder:
Helps hide skin imperfections such as blemishes via diffused reflections

3. Airy Skin Powder:
Does not contain silicone gel unlike other primer. This Airy Skin Powder give lightweight and comfortable feeling on skin.


1. Cover bumps and pores.
2. Softening skin layer like camera filter effect to give smooth and even skin tone.
3. Brighten up skin while looking natural on screen or even in real life.
4. The Baby Pixels and Cover Powder compounds give 3-in-1 multi filter effect like adjusting light on skin.

How to Use?

Can be used solely or for a better coverage, apply BB Cream or Foundation after applying the Beauty Shot Face Blur cream. Make sure to smoothly massage on skin for an even application. You can see the difference of the before and after shot, the before is no makeup face and after is when done applying the product. My face looks brighter and like using camera filter!

For More Info:

Product Name: Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur SPA15/PA+
Where to Buy: Etude House Outlets
Price: Around RM120
Repurchase Probability: 9/10

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Will definitely give this a try, after reading your review!

    1. Yes ;D Or you can just try out mine when we hang out! I'll bring them to you

  2. the price makes me die. takpe, berusaha nak beli! thanks for the review Anis ^_^

    1. oh no don't die! hihihi..
      thanks for dropping by mieza

  3. Sounds like a great product.. does it get greasy on the Tzone after a while ?

    1. i have combination of dry/normal skin. but as far as i know it suits all skin type and it it doesn't seems oily to me.


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