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My Love-Hate Anime List

 Hey guys ;)

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*this post will contain spoilers*

Watching anime is one of my favourite things to do. On those days where I don't feel like watching variety shows or do a Korean drama marathon, I would definitely be watching anime. Just like any other stories, I tend to REALLY hate sad ending stories and open ended one. But sometimes, even with the let down at the end of the series I just can't totally hate the anime for breaking my heart, or worse my ships.

For that in this post, I'm going to share the top list that I love, but hate at the same time. You know, those that has such amazing storyline but ended up being too open ended or where the main character died that you can't help wishing it would be the other way around?

So again here I am, presenting the anime(s) that managed to inflict tiny but painful wounds inside my heart. Haha. But really it does, and beware, I will try to not mention how exactly they ended that made me think it's a bad ending but spoilers are just inevitable in post like this. You have to watch the anime to find out yourself and you might even think the ending is not as bad as I claimed it to be but our thoughts might be a bit different so yeah~

1. White Album 2

credit: psychopass

This is the epitome of my 'love hate'-ness towards bad anime ending. The storyline is so beautiful, the songs are addicting (and I am still obsessed with them) but the ending, oh my the ending!! It ended up open ended and I was not expecting at all that I ended up being SUPER pissed off right after finishing them. Some people might like it that way and want leave it to their imagination but for me reality is already filled with sad stories , why did they torture me with sadness even in anime world? If I have the power to change just one ending from all of my love-hate anime list, this would be it. White Album 2 breaks my heart the way none other anime can do. But if you ask me, I would totally recommend this anime for you to watch. Just don't get to attached to the characters.

2. Ayashi No Ceres

credit: wiccanvampyre

This anime shocked me with it's 'goriness' as it was among the first anime I watched that falls under that kind of genre. It's an old anime and quite well known among all anime fans. The ending gave me mixed feelings, let's just say it's like calm before storm. I mean, a short lived happiness? As if I haven't seen them in real life. But again, it was quite good and also the soundtrack is great especially the song Scarlet Love. Oh gosh, the feels! So yeah it ended up being in my love-hate list.

3. Hotarubi No Mori E

credit: havenic

I've got to say that this is is more like ninety percent love and ten percent hate. This is a great anime movie, I loved it. But that ten percent sometimes makes me want to cry especially during my bad days. It left this emptiness in my heart but the story itself is very romantic nonetheless. I recommend this movie for everyone, it is a masterpiece.

credit: sicklysatisfied

Well, I guess that's all I can think of now. I tend to avoid watching sad ending anime if I know that it would be sad beforehand. But sometimes, a sad ending makes them to be such a masterpiece probably because it ended up being memorable. Maybe because our feelings got amplified over the loss of a character? And maybe that is right since I haven't been able to get over White Album 2 ending even after all these time. I just don't know.

As a matter of fact, I have some sad endings anime(s) that I want to watch because everybody are talking about it but I haven't found my courage to face the ending. (Psstt, yes I am talking about you School Days). So what is your stand on sad endings and open ended stories? Do you mind? Or hate it? Leave me a comment, as I go to the corner and sob over these things that broke my heart.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Ohh man I can relate, I have some love/hate anime and the ones that really annoy me the most are those with an open ending ... LIKE WTH ... what ever happened to and they lived happily ever after?? ;P I'm a sucker for happy endings ...x


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