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Althea: My First Haul and Shopping Guide Infographic


I've been obsessed with Althea Korea ( ) lately. If you follow my Instagram you might have seen a series of post on my experience as Althea Korea beta tester. I also mentioned that I will be sharing my first haul from Althea Korea as a part of the beta testing experience but I've been delaying the post for quite a while due to multiple reasons *90 degrees bows* So to make up on that, in this post I will not only share my haul but also a simple tutorial on how to shop from Althea ;D

The Haul

Most of the product I've gotten in this first haul are skincare products except for one lip product which I couldn't resist; even though I have too much lipsticks in my stash already, lol . So the stuffs that I got are as listed down below, you can click on the link on each product to get directed to Althea:

I am planning to do a review on the products soon! Currently I am still on the trying phase and so far loving all the stuffs I've gotten :)

The Packaging

I love love love how they carefully package the products into the shipping box! My parcel arrived in a hot pink wrapping envelope and when I tore it open (due to the excitement) I found even the box inside was securely wrapped in a bubble wrap. Althea Korea box is nicely designed so it's useful for reuse! Inside of the box were individually wrapped products placed in between crumpled pink coloured papers! Even the invoice was printed on a lovely paper. I've had experiences with a lot of online shopping website and I really have to say there were never any other sites I've ordered from previously that individually bubble wrapped products before. Usually they just wrap them altogether in one big bunch of bubble wrap and that usually ruin the product packaging, or some just don't bother to wrap and just placed straight in the box.

How To Shop At Althea

Since there are already other bloggers that did a detailed post on how to shop on Althea and some others that did a video, I decided to do mine in a more simpler graphical way which show things and functions you could keep your eye on while shopping on Althea ;D

You can also check out my post on '5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Althea Korea'! But I'm not responsible if you overspend because I won't be able to stop myself either. If you need more info on tracking your parcel, Tammy from made a complete guide on how to track them so you can click on the link HERE to read more.

Get RM20 OFF on your first order on Althea Malaysia (minimum purchase RM150) by using my referral link HERE.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. I love Korean beauty products so much and I've been dreaming about this kind of online shopping site for so long! Finally we have it! Thanks for the guidelines and other Butterflies' posts regarding are so much fun to read as well. The infographic is nice! Thanks!

    Mira |

    1. Thank you for dropping by! The infographic was an expirement for me so I am glad that you like it :)

  2. I'm gonna shop from Althea again this month!!
    Love how simple and direct your post dear <3


    1. Thank you dear :) And yes I think I will be shopping too sooner or later. The stuffs in there are so tempting!


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