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Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 2015: Makeover Yourself to Hong Kong!

 Hello guys!

Knowing that women have endless possibilities in showing their talent, beauty, and passion to the world; Mary Kay once again opens its door for the females to fulfill their dream with the Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 2015! With nine participating Asia Pacific countries which are Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, Mary Kay is looking for someone fresh to be the brand's new face.

To enter and starts your journey of transforming yourself into the next Asian's modeling star, all you need to to do is get in touch with your nearest Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, pairing up together to compete in the first stage of the contest which will be set locally, where local winners will get to fly to Hong Kong for a week long regional Grand Finale in February 2016.

It will be an amazing experience as participants will get a chance to learn from the pros. From catwalk training, makeup training, fashion and styling, you will definitely be gaining some precious knowledge. The Grand Finale will be happening in front of a huge audience in Hong Kong where the local winners will be doing a live catwalk show after being mentored, trained and ultimately judged by all stars panel of judges.
 So again, let me summarize the very first steps you have to go on to join:

1. Contact your beauty consultant at 03-7711 7500 or log in to find one online.
2. Get a makeover from your beauty consultant and submit your before and after photos online
3. Your entry will be live on Mary Kay Dream Beautiful website.

You can check out the full dates, timeline and the entries at the website. The local winners will win a prize of a 6 days and 5 nights trip to Hong Kong for the Asia Pacific Finale on 19th to 24th February 2016. The contest is now accepting entries from now until 22nd November 2015. Everyone above 18 years old are welcome to join the contest.

So, are you ready to face the challenge? You don't need a fairy god mother to achieve your dream now, all you need is a magic wand to take you there. Since the first stage is all about makeover and sending them your most confidence and beautiful look, I tried to do my own makeover using Mary Kay's product to cheer you on! 

Make Over Using Mary Kay's Product
Still need improvements.

First, I've got to say despite my love for makeup I am not that skillful when it comes to doing bold looking makeup so forgive me if my self done makeover is just 'so-so'.I could have done a better job for the eye look. One of the reason is that my shortsightedness limits my ability to do a nice one and that usually puts me off. But these days I've been practicing a lot at home during my free time so it's not as bad as it used to be. I wonder how would I be if I were to do others makeup, its something I've never tried before since I have no sister to experiment on.*so sad*

I used a total of five different products from Mary Kay for this simple smokey eye look which are:

1. Mary Kay CC Cream
2. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour Quad in Black Ice/Glace Noire
3. Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour Duo in Ripe Watermelon/Pasteque More
4. Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen
5. Mary Kay True Dimension Lipstick in Wild About Pink

Mary Kay CC Cream

This CC Cream from Mary Kay has quite a good coverage despite being a CC cream which are usually known for its little coverage. Most of the CC creams from other brands that I've tried before has minimal coverage which doesn't really do any good to my imperfect skin. The consistency of the cream is just nice; not being to thick nor too watery. It comes in a pump dispenser so its easy to use and also hygienic. The shade that I'm using is light to medium and it's mentioned on the direction that it is best to apply the product 15 minutes before sun exposure.  CC is short of complexion corrector and Mary Kay's CC Cream comes with SPF 15 sunscreen.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour Quad in Black Ice/Glace Noire

The shades from this quad palette are very pigmented with the brown one having the strongest colour payoff. The shades contains glitters and despite that product's fall out are quite minimal although I would recommend the use of eye primer to let it stays on longer. They are also buildable and does not creases on my eyes. The price for one eyeshadow quad is RM49 with four different palette to choose from.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour Duo in Ripe Watermelon/Pasteque More

I really love the cheek palette that I got. It's very pigmented yet gives off a beautiful and almost sheer-like glow on swatches. Ripe Watermelon is a matte pink blusher while Pasteque More is suitable to use as a highlighter. This product is one of my favourite among the five. I usually prefer a coral coloured blusher because this kind of pink shade doesn't really look as good on me but surprisingly this one does. It is buildable and I like how little product can give the flushed look that's really natural. The highlighter is especially amazing, swatched on my hand for first impression I like how smooth it feels. Probably one of the best powder highlighters I have. This cheek palette is priced at RM60.

Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I have a bit of mixed feeling about this one product. For the precision and the strong black colour I've got to say that it's really awesome. The felt tip makes it easy to draw, either a super fine line or a bold cat eye. It stays on long but from my experience its not water proof so I ended up having black panda eye twice due to the hot day heat that made me sweat, maybe I choose the wrong place to wear it.

One of the great thing about this though is that it is tested for irritancy and allergy so this liquid liner is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearer. I don't feel itchy or get red eyes even when the eyeliner got smudged and some of it got into my eyes, so that's actually a good thing. Maybe I should give this one some more time, I rarely use liquid eyeliners compared to a gel one so I might have less experience with it. This eyeliner comes at RM65.

Mary Kay True Dimension Lipstick in Wild About Pink

I am in love with this lipstick! It don't get a strong first impression on the shade but after a few times using it, now this lipstick is one of my current favourite. I fell in love with the shade, and I love how it is not too shiny and does not feels too sticky. It kind of reminds me of one of the lip balm that I used to love. It's quite on the sheer side but still have a strong colour pay off.

I especially love the packaging, it looks high end and to open it I'll have to push the lipstick bullet downward so it's really secure. I hate when my lipstick cover came off in my bag and dusts started to stick on it. The formulation is light and moisturizing. This lipstick comes at RM64 and I might consider getting another one when this runs out. It's my favourite one out of five!

If you're interested in joining the contest, do find your nearest Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I bet she would've done a better job for the makeover. I wish you good luck!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. just walk in to any mary kay n tell them that we want a makeover?? o.0

    1. you have to call the number above or find the independent beauty consultant contact on the website link. then when u meet them, they will do a makeover for u as this contest is in pairing. they will take a before and after picture and upload to the contest website where the judging will be done. the beauty consultant will know they rest so you can just contact them ;D

  2. Cantik sangattt your makeup! Mary Kay ni memang well known kan Teringin nak masuk, tapi, confirm tak layak. hahaha

    1. Oh thank you ;D But why not? Everyone above 18 tahun layak je. Mana tahu rezeki <3


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