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Silky Girl Celebrating 10 Years of Confidence: Limited Edition Range

Hello guys!

I love limited edition makeup range; they are wearable collector piece that always make me happy. Its really tempting when it comes to buying limited edition products since they are well, literally limited. Some of them sometimes has a really nice shade so I usually make an effort to try out or swatch some of the product on my hand whenever it is possible.

In commemoration of Silky Girl's Celebrating 10 Years of Confidence, the brand has released a few limited edition range for you to grab and I managed to try a few of them out. They are the Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lip Colour and also the Limited Edition Perfect Stay 20 HR Eyeliner. Both comes in a sleek silver packaging that gives out futuristic feel and elegance.

Limited Edition Perfect Stay 20 HR Eyeliner

Lets starts off with my favourite product from the two. Somewhere in this blog, I mentioned about eyeliner being my 'it' item and it still is. Therefore I am so happy when I received this limited edition Silky Girl eyeliner. True to its claim, this eyeliner is definitely long lasting. I didn't manage to do a full 20 hours experiment but I've been using it ever since I received the product and it totally stays on and doesn't smudge for hours.

One tip from me, make sure to let it dries off completely before you go out under the sun since it'll stay put much better once it does. I have an oily lid despite the fact that my overall dry skin condition; so even some smudge proof eyeliners doesn't work for me but this one did a great job for it's price. One more thing that I like is that it is build able. I can double apply if I want a stronger black shade. There is only one shade available which is the Blackest Black.

Limited Edition Moisture Rich Lip Colour

I received three different limited edition shades from the Moisture Rich Lip Colour. If I am to describe the colours from all three shade; 01 is a hot cherry red shade which I'm totally in love with, shade 02 is a more feminine coral orange and shade 04 is an almost nude peachy pink colour and is the lightest shade among the three. The colours are pigmented, opaque and not sheer, very moisturizing and have a bit of shine instead of being matte.

From Top: Shade 04, Shade 02, Shade 01

Swatched on hand, I can stil see some remaining colours on my hand even after wiping them off with tissues.  So, it will stays on long on the lips too. I love how it feels on my lips, so buttery. This lipstick also contains Vitamin A and E and Aloe Vera extract which is good for maintaining a healthy lips. They are another two other shades which I haven't got my hands on but you can get them from major stores like Guardian and Watsons.

You can learn more about Silky Girl latest products, promotions and updates by liking their Facebook Page or visit their website at

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