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Watson Really Syok: Redeem Your Points!

 Hello Guys!

I bet lots of you guys own a Watson VIP card. I myself had signed up for the Watson VIP card for three times already because I kept losing them; what a luck. Still, every time I lost my card I would definitely sign up for a new one because I know that Watson has an awesome reward program for their customers. Even before this, I got a bunch of freebies makeup (I think it was December last year) when I went to buy my Bourjois Velvet lipsticks there. 

Speaking of the rewards, currently their Watson Really Syok campaign is going on which you can get amazing benefits with your Watson VIP card. For once you can redeem your rewards based on the points you have and it is redeemable at ALL Watson outlets nationwide.

Points Redemption:
500 points = MTV World Stage 2015 pass
400 points = Watsons online shopping voucher
300 points = LA Gourmet household products
200 points = RM5 Touch N Go reload
100 points = Dining voucher

Actually for 500 points you can redeem MTV World Stage pass but because of my mistake I forgot to publish this post earlier. *I apologize for my clumsiness* But no worries as the points redemption is still going on until the 28th September 2015 so you can still get another reward. There is another thing that is still going on which is the member sale! Watson is offering a fantastic 50% discount with more than 500 differents products to choose from; so you should take the chance. 

With blogger friends (from right): Aliza Sara (credit photo), JQ Lee and Mira Cikcit

I am definitely going to stock up on some stuffs and even have a list prepared :) If you're looking for more information, you can visit Watson Facebook Page or the website

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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