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Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara Review

Hello guys!

I'm back with yet another beauty review and this time its the Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara. Skin Soul is a local brand that features organic and paraben free skincare. It is not a foreign brand to me because I've tried out some of their products on counter before. The mascara delivers thicker and more volumed lashes and also features growth and curls actives. The key ingredient is Mulberry Root Extract deeply nourishes and strengthens lashes while Lash Curling Complex promotes lasting curls. The results are fuller, longer and beautiful curled lashes.

When I found out that this mascara will help to promote growth on natural lashes, I was especially curious about that. After my first try, I was shocked about how good is the formulation and I fell in love! This is now officially the best mascara I've ever tried in my life. Better than my holy grail Benefit They're Real mascara and that's really saying something because I really love my Benefit mascara. It does not clump and feels very light on my lashes. Since I cannot wear contact lenses due to my super dry eyes, choosing the perfect mascara that would not stick on my glasses is hard. 

Top: Before picture, Bottom: After 2 weeks of application

I used to not like mascara at all but lately I've been using this mascara from Skin Soul on a more often basis. It stays all day long and does not smudge. I love how this mascara gives a natural curl on my lashes and it is also build able. Amazingly, true to its claim this mascara really does lengthen my lashes as fast as 2 weeks of continuous application. You can see my lashes grows longer and naturally curls upside more. The mascara wand does not prick into my eyes compared to some others and it also helps separate my lashes beautifully. 

The only downside of this mascara is probably the price. It's on the higher end which would cost me RM206.70 for an 8ml product. Despite that, it's actually so good that I might consider getting another one when I ran out mine. You can visit SkinSoul website to find out more about the product or browse for their nearest outlet or check out their Facebook Page for latest updates and news.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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