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Affordable Luxury with Haftarent: House Hunting Made Easy!

Hello guys!

Edit: TrupCotel is now known as Haftarent.

Let's be real. House hunting is full of hassle! But thanks to the advancement of science and technology (specifically, the internet), even this long and arduous task of finding the perfect place to call home can be simplified. Introducing TrupCotel, a one-stop property-to-tenant matching service to ease the rental process for your executives! Yes, old-style house hunting is time-consuming. With TrupCotel, you will be able to skip all the tedious processes and let the professional do it for you. Just a click away! 

Why is TrupCotel the perfect alternative for busy executives?

1. They provide rental with a minimum length of lease of 1 week and up to 2 years. It will be great both for a long time stay and a temporary living. If you have to travel to Kuala Lumpur, be it for work or vacation TrupCotel stay might be a more 'homey' option over the regular hotel stay.

2. Everything is included! Tenants can rent a fully furnished apartment at one price, which includes the rent, utilities, free WIFI, free weekly housekeeping and access to building facilities.

3.  Rental area in prime properties near KLCC (KL Golden triangle) such as SOHO Suites, ViPod Suites, Summer Suites, Marc Residence,  6 Capsquare, Embassy View, and Fraser Place.

4. They help solve issues for people living far from town or have issues with landlords or high deposits.

Aiming to provide tenants with the best place for perfect work-life balance, the TrupCotel properties are usually near major office areas for the comfort of their clients. How do you book? You can choose between 3 booking options based on your personal preference:

a. Online Booking
b. Over the Phone or Email Booking
c. Go to TrupCotel Office

In order to experience online booking, TrupCotel invited me to try out their website. They were fairly straightforward and easy. All I did was check out this website at and start to make a booking on After filling up the necessary details in the enquiry form (including your preferred property based on the profile listing), budget and others, TrupCotel will start finding the best place based on your preference. If you are satisfied with the property matched to you, you can sign the lease and move in! Not just that, but the deposit is just RM399. No more three months deposit upfront, unlike conventional house hunting. Do note that even though they provide both short-term and long terms stays, the minimum rental period is at least a week!

After going through the booking, I was invited by TrupCotel to experience a short staycation at one of the properties to see how liveable it is; which is the Fraser Place KL, and it was amazing! From the welcome to the utilities provided, they exceed my expectation. I was there with some friends for a girls' sleepover together, and we were having a blast! No more ranting, I think it's better for you just to check out how furnished the place is and how nice the interior is through my short Vlog down below:

See? They are nice right?! The property in Fraser place had 2 bedrooms, one huge bathroom with a bathtub, a spacious living room, a perfect bar-style kitchen, and a dining area. The lightings inside are amazing, the air-conditioners are working perfectly and the entertainment system including the sound system is in good condition too! And oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the most important part. The WIFI is fast :D We had a Korean drama marathon. LOL

 Dining Table with Complete Cutleries
 Living Room
 Second Bedroom
 Main Bedroom
Main Bedroom

The best part of the stay was the building facility! I am so in love with the communal area. They have a gym, game room, swimming pool, and the best part, a steam and sauna facility called 'RefresH' which is separated for women and men. We ended up chilling there the whole night from 8pm until it is closed (open from 7am to 10pm). Not just a sauna and steam room, the area also has a hot and cold dip pool for us to relax. Lockers are provided too so you don't have to worry about your belonging while trying to de-stress. Clean towels are also there, so you can just go straight up to the floor without bringing anything!

 ResfresH Area. Towels are provided!
 RefresH Area
Steam and Sauna Room

I really loved my stay there. It was convenient and close to the city centre. KLCC is just a stone's throw away, and you can book Uber easily too if you are a Uber user like me. Personally, I haven't been renting anywhere after university since my parent lives in KL and are near my workplace but I remember all the headache that I experienced while looking for a room to rent in Shah Alam when I was in UiTM. They're hard and deposits can be really high so I think websites like TrupCotel make all these easier! You can check out other properties available on TrupCotel now at or just go book your place straight away! For the first 20 readers, you can use my promo code TrupCotelxTheThinkerBelle to get a 5% discount on rentals.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Nice one! I definitely think this will make life easier for people who are looking for a temp home..

  2. This is cool! Is trupcotel something like Airbnb?

    1. It's something like that but more for a long term thing ;) One week and up to two years!

  3. Oh gosh... can I stay there... huhuhu... I am so in love with this place... it is sooooo nice.......

  4. Nice place to stay and its everything you need. Peace of mind after a long hard work!

  5. The interior looks nice and tidy. Thanks for sharing. =D

  6. So nice ! Can bring me go together ? ahaha... It looks so cozy and well equipment ^^

  7. oh wow, can introduce this to my interns from other places! one week and up to 2 weeks seems great.

  8. I love the design of the room. Everything looks so classic.

  9. This place looks super comfy and spacious! It will be a good option stay for people which come from out station =D

  10. wahhhh, the place so amazing, i will use this website if I want to find place for rent.

    btw, i subscribe you youtube channel and added your blog in my blog list :)

  11. This is really good for people who are house hunting. House hunting can be really a daunting task.

  12. I love the room and especially their bathroom looks so tidy.

  13. Wow this is good as I planning rent for a week when my mum come to visit in KL. Thank you for sharing this website.

  14. Your room looks really nice and well maintained. Looks like a very easy and efficient way to book an apartment in downtown KL too.

  15. I've heard of TrupCotel but haven't had the chance to try it yet. Would really love to see how it works in the real world.

  16. Hello Anis,
    The rooms look fabulous and I am sure u enjoyed urself there!!!
    Will definitely check it out when I head to kl!

    Much love,

  17. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  18. If can i want to go there stay using their website, ahha

  19. The place really look so spacious and comfy. <3

  20. I wanna bring my family there! Looks like a decent hotel!

  21. very nice review on Trupcotel :) love the place u stayed in!


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