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DocLab Korea Face Ampoule Review

Let me be honest with you; I've heard about ampoules for the longest time but I was never really curious about them. I mean they can be crazy expensive for such a little amount of product. I just couldn't fathom the reasoning behind spending such big bucks if I can opt for a cheaper and more affordable alternatives. That was basically my main opinion on ampoules before I discovered DocLab. Now, my thought on ampoules had been greatly changed. They are currently my Felix Felicis, my liquid luck. And yes, that's a Harry Potter reference.

I just want to just emphasize how much I love them. They are now my quick solution during a bad skin day; especially when it suddenly turned to be as dry as a desert. Not just that, whenever I need a quick fix to my skin, when it is irritated, when I need a great primer before putting on makeup, I'll just use my DocLab Face Ampoule.
What Is Ampoule?

First, let's start with the basic. What is an ampoule?

Basically they are sealed glass container that contain certain kind of liquid with pre-measure quantity ready for usage. Generally ampoule in 'beauty' sense is a higher concentration liquid to solve skin issue at a generally faster rate. They are high potency booster and contains more goodness than your average serum or essence. Taking the DocLab ampoule as an example, the reason why they are prepacked for one use is because ampoule ingredient usually contains active ingredients. It needs to be used up once the sealed is opened and not to be left exposed to the air for long.

- Boost skin moisture and gives deep hydration with the hyaluronic acid (HA).
- Help restore skin suppleness and elasticity with collagen.
- Retexturizes the skin, helps to smooth fine lines and reduce wrinkles with Ginseng extract.
- Natural anti-oxidant and skin protection with Vitamin E.
- Powerful skin whitening and lightening with Arbutin.
- Skin soothing and refining with Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract.
- Great as a primer to make your makeup last longer.
- Tighten pores and control sebum production.
- Helps to repair and strengthen weak skin tissue to make it look more radiant.

How to Use

It's pretty easy to use, especially with their new packaging. The older packaging needed you to snap open the neck of a glass vial to get the product out. The latest release and design are hassle-free. I think they are safer and user-friendly too. The small vial is strong enough to cover all your face, so don't worry about it being so small. Like I mentioned above, ampoule concentration is generally higher than any normal serum, so we don't need buckets of them.

This product is formulated in Korea and one box has five vials in it where each vial contains 2ml of product. Priced at RM138, some of you might think that its a bit on the higher end. But seriously, even with 5 vials a box, the effect can really be seen! Personally, I think it's very good to hydrate my dry skin. My complexion looks brighter after usage and this stuff totally help to get my makeup stay on long! They are also non sticky and absorps pretty quickly into the skin. Even after applying them on my face, I always have extra so I usually pat them on my hands and areas that tend to get dry like my elbow and knees!

You can get the DocLab Face Ampoule on and they are now doing a promotion where you can get a RM50 OFF by using this 'DOCLABBEAUTY' code instead (until end of this month)! It's totally such a bargain so if you're curious about trying an ampoule, I highly recommend this product for you.

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Contact (Miss Lim): 0192062386

*I received this product for review purpose but all the thoughts in this review are solely mine.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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