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Affordable Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, ECurve Damansara Review

Foods are definitely one of the biggest joy of my life. I am always searching for awesome new places to try. One of my favourite 'makan' session is when I can just chill with friends or family for a longer duration, catching up on life and of course filling our stomach to the brim. Hotel buffets are nice but there is something I prefer much more over that, which is steamboat & grill dining.

Quivo Pavilion Media Appreciation Night

Woah, the weekend is here and I am finally back to check up on my really dusty blog. I know that I haven't been diligent in posting, mainly because I am too busy settling on other life stuff. Yeah, same explanation but what can I do? 24 hours a day is just too short for me, I have a bunch of stories to share but less free time to spend. It has been giving me a headache but I decided to tackle it one by one. 

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