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Quivo Pavilion Media Appreciation Night

Woah, the weekend is here and I am finally back to check up on my really dusty blog. I know that I haven't been diligent in posting, mainly because I am too busy settling on other life stuff. Yeah, same explanation but what can I do? 24 hours a day is just too short for me, I have a bunch of stories to share but less free time to spend. It has been giving me a headache but I decided to tackle it one by one. 

So, about a week after my trip to Korea (another old story to share hopefully soon), I received an invitation from Quivo to attend their Media Appreciation night. Never been there, I immediately agreed to it. Why not, right? I enjoy trying good food and it's a place I haven't managed to explore yet. Quivo restaurant carries a Mediterranean lifestyle dining concept, and it has a very sophisticated yet a laid back feel to it.  Located near the Kate Spade boutique, on level 3 of the Pavilion Mall, thankfully the venue is easy to find as I was a bit late to arrive due to the after work rush hour. They have another entrance but due to the current renovation work undergoing at Connection Precint, it's temporarily inaccessible from that side. 

Arriving there, I saw some familiar faces which were a bless because I am very bad at mingling with strangers. Blame the introvert in me. LOL. We were served with some of their signature dishes and drinks while busy catching up with each other. Here are what I think about them in general!

Margherita Pizza X Qeema Pizza

Love the pizzas. I mean what can go wrong right? It comes with the right crispiness, not too greasy and the simple toppings make it great to munch on.

Mini Falafel Burger

Too dry for me. Maybe because of the mini size, it's not as juicy as it's supposed to be. I don't know why but the meeting of the savoury patty and the bread is like a clash of outfit. Not my favourite.

Braised Beef Brisket Risotto Bite

Okay, this might sound really weird but this risotto actually reminds me of half cooked Lemang and Rendang combination but I mean it in a good way. I just love the creaminess of the risotto and the braised beef brisket compliments it very well. It can be too heavy to eat alone though as the savoury taste is a bit on the heavy side.

Mini Beef Picca

I love this one. It's very tender and juicy, almost like it's melting in your mount on the first bite. Hmm, writing this at night makes me wanna eat this succulent dish again. Yumss.

Bite sized desserts

Okay, I am so obsessed with the Oreo dessert, I ate a few of them. It's so good that the Red Velvet and Apple crumble bites tasted too subpar to compare. I definitely recommend you trying it!Do take note that the premise is serving liquor but I managed to clarify from the staff there that this restaurant is pork free and uses ingredients sourced from a halal distributor. My non-Muslim blogger friends were happily trying some new wine that night, but I settled for some non-alcoholic drinks instead. Unfortunately, I lost the note where I jotted down everything I had from that night so I failed to recall the name of the drinks. 

In overall, if you want to just chill at a nice restaurant with a good ambience, you might want to check this restaurant up. For more info on the menu and price list, visit Quivo Malaysia website at

P/S:Thank you Quivo Malaysia for inviting me!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the foods there but all the opinion are solely mine.
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Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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