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What Can You Do in Herbaline Puchong?

A few years back, if you come to me asking what do I think about a spa treatment, I will definitely say that it is not within my financial capabilities. I used to have this sad mentality that a beauty treatment in any spa is something only possible for the elites and commoners like me shouldn't even dream to experience those kinds of thing in my lifetime. I guess those images planted by soap operas and dramas did cloud my judgement. #dramaqueen

Guess what? I was totally wrong (or at least partially).

You don't have to be an heiress to deserve some pampering once in awhile. While some spas are considered high-end and luxurious, there are plenty of affordable ones that should be able to make you happy to spend money on. A couple months back, I discovered a spa called Herbaline that totally fits in the later category. It gives high-quality beauty treatment service, have a really nice ambience and comes with a very interesting twist. Rather than calling Herbaline as just a beauty spa, I would say that it's a super affordable wellness centre that is family friendly. Their aspiration is to provide a 'unique and holistic wellness experience based on the Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well principle' via three primary brands:

1. Facial Spa and Therapeutic Massage with Herbaline Facial Spa

They provide different type of treatment at a very affordable price. For example; skin analysis and different types of facial treatment, butterfly threading, EE treatment, ear candling and face moisturising, and waxing. You can check out more about their spa services on Herbaline website .I managed to try one their signature treatments below during my visit which is the Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa . I also managed to spend some time relaxing in a room filled with natural sea salt there. 

2. Hearty, delicious and health conscious meals by Mama Kim restaurant.

This restaurant provides healthy yet delicious meals to their customers. Open both for public and their spa and guest house visitors, Mama Kim restaurant dishes are personally curated by the owner's wife herself. I am super in love with their Sauna Mee. It's a fun dish to eat as they will pour hot broth into the noodles claypot in front of the customer when they come to serve it. Taste wise? Sumptuous and is really filling! Lots of vegetables inside and the claypot bowl keeps the broth warm until your last sip. It's a real comfort food so if you just feel like having something healthy and reminds you of mom's cooking, this would be a perfect choice. A variety of other dishes is also available to try to, although I highly recommend trying this Sauna Mee. My favourite is their fish broth but you can also opt for a vegetable base broth too.

 Healthy yet yummy salad!
Blogger friends enjoying Sauna Mee

3. Relaxing de-stress session at Sojourn Guest House.

If you want to take your spa experience to a whole new level, book a stay at their Sojourn Guest House. Perfect for a weekend retreat for those who don't want to travel that far on a weekend. It's family friendly so you can spend quality time with your loved ones doing something relaxing!

The branch that I managed to visit was the recently opened Puchong branch. This branch only provides spa and Mama Kim's service but you can also check out the list of available Herbaline branches in Malaysia here to contact them for more information.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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