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Affordable Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, ECurve Damansara Review

Foods are definitely one of the biggest joy of my life. I am always searching for awesome new places to try. One of my favourite 'makan' session is when I can just chill with friends or family for a longer duration, catching up on life and of course filling our stomach to the brim. Hotel buffets are nice but there is something I prefer much more over that, which is steamboat & grill dining.

You have to be clever in choosing the best steamboat & bbq place. Being a self-proclaimed true foodie, I have my own checklist when it comes to finding a value for money steamboat or bbq restaurant.

The Ingredients Selections:

They have to be fresh with a wide range of selections. I especially care for the proteins and veggies. The fresher they are the better!

Steamboat Broth and Dipping Sauce:
Different people love different broth/soup. The wider their base soup selection, the better it is for me. The dipping sauce is definitely a flavour booster so it needs to be good and of course with wide varieties too.

Price / Value for Money:
Being a true Malaysian, I am always on the lookout for a place that offers service that can compensate the amount I am paying. Of course, cheaper is better. *giggles*

Dining Comfort: 
I am asthmatic so dining area with bad ventilation is a big no-no for me. I'll start feeling suffocated due to the smoke and keeps on coughing and that will definitely distract me from enjoying my meal. I also hate it if the tables are too cramped with each other.

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Experience

If you are a regular visitor of IKEA Damansara & The Curve area, I highly recommend you to try dining at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant which is located in E-Curve. Location guide; just turn left from the main entrance, walk straight and go one floor down near the Din Tai Fung (non-halal dim sum place) escalator. I have been going to different steamboat/BBQ places but this is one of the few restaurants that managed to fulfil all of my requirements above. Seriously, requirement number four can be hard to follow considering how sensitive I am to smoke. Even though their restaurant is indoor, I have to say their air circulation is controlled really nicely.

That aside, they also have a wide array of fresh ingredients. The main star among them all is definitely their freshly sliced meat station. With five different selections; Australia beef slices, smoked duck breast slices, New Zealand lamb slices, smoked abalone slices and chicken slices, you won't be running out of protein options! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the smoked duck slices. Best thing ever! I can't even count how many plates of them I had on my last visit there. What is better is that the staff there will slice the meat in front of you according to the number of plates that you request; all in order to maintain their freshness.

Veggies? You won't run out of choice either. Even their Surimi/Seafood/Meat section offers a wide variety of ingredient. My favourite is definitely the fishcakes with stuffed cheese inside it. So sinful !*giggles* As for the broth you can opt between the Tom Yam soup, Prawn soup, Beef Bone Pepper soup, Miso soup, Chicken soup and Curry soup. I managed to try the ones highlighted and I highly recommend the Curry soup if you are looking for a change. The curry soup taste tasted especially good with cockels, dried tofu, and fish balls! I am looking forward to try the miso soup base on my next food-venture there. Other types of food are also available for you ranging from Fried Rice (buffet counter), varieties of dim sum, waffles and kaya balls, ice-cream and desserts.

If you want to bring up your dining game, Pak John provides King Crab and Lobster option too; but make sure to contact them at least 3 hours before your visit time to ensure their availability. They also provide private dining area if you need a more intimate experience. No extra charge will be incurred but they advise customer to book beforehand. For kids, they can get a half price discount or even dine in for free; as long as their height fits in the range assigned by them.

My favourite dipping sauce is the furthest one on the right.

You can request for a freshly made okonomiyaki too.

Unexpectedly impressive. Batter is made nicely so the waffle is crispy on outside and fluffy inside.

TL;DR | The Thinker Belle's Picks
Curry Soup Base
Smoked Duck Breast Slices
Cheese Stuffed Fishballs
Waffles (Yes, it's amazing!)
Thai Green Chili Dipping Sauce (not sure the name sorry!)
Dim Sum

Do follow Pak John's Steamboat and BBQ Facebook and Instagram page for latest promotions updates etc. You can contact 012-7050684 (CS) or 018-3863139 (Anuar) for booking. You can also check out their website on

*Disclaimer: I was invited to review this place but all opinion above is solely mine. 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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