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My New Korean Style Glasses Shopping at Malaya Optical

If I can choose one Harry Potter spell to use anytime I want forever, it'll be Oculus Reparo. Cause oh my, I am the clumsiest person ever when it comes to taking care of my glasses. The scene where Hermione fixes Harry's broken glasses with just a quick chant and a flick of a wand left a deep impression on me; since I can relate to it. I mean how cool is that right?! The only downside of that is probably the fact that I will be using the same frame over and over again. I guess that is why Harry 's glasses style never really change over the course of the 8 movies and 6 books. LOL. Hmm, then not having the same gift is actually a blessing right? I can find a good excuse to shop for new glasses when I broke one. Anyway, yeah the long intro is to announce something;

I broke my glasses again. #clapclap #fail

This is the best record so far (or maybe I should say worst?). I broke this glasses in less than one year since I got it. Yes, I remember getting a new glasses about a week before Halloween last year. Now as I am writing this, it's not even August, and I broke it already? #byebye No one else to blame but me. Since there is no need to cry over spilt milk, I just decided to hunt for a new eyewear. I mean, I shouldn't go around wearing a broken glasses with cellophane tape around it forever right? That only works for Harry Potter. That wizard boy is fine with anything on him (if me I might go all rebellious if someone asks me to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs). #crazyfanhere Therefore, the hunt for a new glasses start. Now, comes the usual challenge; I have been wearing glasses for so long but I have never been really good at picking out my own frames. I will always need to ask someone else opinion before I make my choice. In short, I just don't trust my own style advice. *giggles*

I told my colleagues about my bad luck and Tammy (boss/ Butterfly project mamasan) suggested me to do my new glasses done at Malaya Optical. I remember reading her post when she went there to make her glasses before, so I thought why not. Plus, I won't have to go through the headache of picking the design because Malaya Optical has Ryan Ho, a professional glasses stylist/advisor that would help me transform from zero to hero. *giggles* Coincidentally around the time when I broke my old glasses, Malay Optical invited us Althea blog editors to meet their team so they can curate a Korean inspired look on each of us personally.

How exciting is that right? This KPOP wannabe girl was hyperventilating when she heard the news.

Image credit: Mira Cikcit

We (Sydney, Mira and I) visited their outlet in Uptown, Damansara Utama, right after work and we were greeted warmly by the Malaya Optical family. They had also prepared a bunch of exclusive Korean frames with a different style for us to choose! It took me so long to pick my one-true-glasses but I finally ended up picking a rim shape that I have never use before. Of course, my choice was heavily influenced by Ryan. He helped me a lot when I was torn between two design that I picked.

I ended up opting for Frank Custom glasses, with an almost oval-ish rectangular shape. The rim is grey/blackish in colour but is not totally opaque. It's a little translucent in some part, which gives the glass a nice dimension under the sun/when exposed to light. The nose pads and temples are made of B-titanium which makes it more flexible while adding a touch of exclusivity to it. I am also so happy with the Carl Zeiss lens that is used for my glass as I know its good reputation for a glasses lens.

Right after choosing the frame design, I was shown to the small room at the back of the store to do the normal eye checkup. Unsurprisingly, my eye power increased again. *cries* This checkup took a few minutes, but it does not end up there. Malaya Optical also offer additional eye checkup including glaucoma and cataract test to see if there is any issue with it. Some of their state-of-art instruments for these includes:

1. The Slit Lamp with Optical Digital Zoom Camera by Nikon (to examine contact lenses fitting and cataract).
2. Non-Contact Relax Tonometer by Reichert (to examine Intra Ocular Pressure, IOP or Glaucoma).
3. High Definition Digital Retina Imaging by Canon (to examine Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration or Retina Atropy).
4. Zeiss iProfiler Ocular Wavefront Aberrometer.
5. Auto refractometer.
6. Atlas Corneal Topographer.
7. Keratometer (to examine Refractive Errors up to 0.125 Diopter and also Corneal Curvature for a better fit of soft or RGP contact lenses).
8. Zeiss Relax Vision Terminal (to examine pupillary distance and multifocal precision fitting height).

You can liaise with their professional to get further information on all these tests. Thankfully, my eyes are free from any problem. (Phew!!) It kinda scares me actually considering how often my eyes got exposed to the computer screen on daily basis. Thank goodness!! My glasses are done in just a week (I need to wait since they need to order the lens) and soon after it's done, Malaya Optical sent me a text to remind me to pick it up!

I am super loving the classy look of my glass (quoting Tammy: I look less nerdish with it), and even the glasses case from Frank Custom is so nice. The glass brand has a pretty good reputation in Korea, and I can see why (even my boss glasses is from the same brand haha!). For more selfies and pictures of my adventure with my new glasses, go stalk me on Instagram! (if you want to hihi)

Malaya Optical (Uptown)
71, Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7710 8500

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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