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Japan's Famous Pablo Cheese Tart is Here!

Keeping up with food trends in Malaysia is hard. Every month, we can see new craze popping up one by one but keeping the craze alive is not an easy feat. Baked cheese tart is one of the most noticeable 'food rave' these days and being a true food lover, of course, I don't want to miss out on the excitement. I have been following the trend closely by trying different cheese tarts available in the market and guess how excited I was when I learned that Pablo is opening their first store in Malaysia?!

Absolutely ecstatic.

For those who have travelled to Japan before, Pablo is definitely a common name. It's a must try for travellers especially those who loves desserts. Thankfully now, we don't have to travel all the way to the land of the rising sun anymore as Pablo Cheese Tart has officially opened their door in Malaysia! The grand launching of their first store in 1 Utama Shopping Centre was held early this month and before that, I was lucky to be one of the first to try out their signature menus, including the 6-inch cheese tart, mini cheese tarts, classic cheese tart drink etc.

I can't forget my first bite of their crunchy and creamy Mini Cheese Tart. The crunch of the tart pastry and the lightness of the cheese complement each other perfectly, making the taste being not too over the top while keeping the premium taste of it alive. Air flown directly from Japan to maintain the originality of the taste, you can get the Mini Cheese Tart for RM8.90 each. This mini cheese tart is my personal favourite!

The 6-inch Freshly Baked Cheese Tart (RM45.90) is a whole different league. It tastes way lighter compared to the mini, with an addition of apricot jam glaze on top. The texture is very smooth, almost pudding like and is not as cheesy as I thought it would be, which is great actually because one can actually hog half of the tart on their own! Just kidding kids, sharing is caring.

Next, I also had a very interesting drink called the Classic Cheese Tart. Priced at RM15.90 per cup, the creamy drink is basically the 'beverage version' of their 6-inch cheese tart. Almost milkshake like, it blends in well with the apricot jam at the bottom, along with other fillings which I guess includes banana and mango as well. A bit on the pricier side but it's still manageable. I'll just give up my Starbuck coffee of the day to drink this again. Just yummy! Other Pablo Frute drink available at the same price are Matcha With Shiratama, Special Chocolate, Rich Berry and Rich Mango.

Other than that, you can also find other kinds of cheese snacks there including the Sabrel Cheese cookies (Original, Matcha and Black version) for RM36.90 or the Pablo Choco Crunch (Cheese Tart flavour) for RM47.90.

Their grand opening was flocked with people so make sure you try them out! I bet the queue is still long these days. My next target would be their Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki (not yet available when I went for tasting), Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart, and their Soft Serve ice cream (cheese or matcha cheese) for RM11.90. You can also spend big and try out their Premium Cheese Tart (RM79.90) or the Golden Brulee Cheese Pudding for RM72.90.

Next in list!

So have you tried Pablo yet? What do you think? Which is the best cheese tart in town? Do you have any suggestion for me to try next? Do share with me! For more information on Pablo, visit their Facebook Pablo Cheesetart MalaysiaCheck them out at:

Pablo Cheesetart
Level 2, Old Wing
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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